Steps to buy computer glasses

  1. You can either go to the ‘glasses’ page or click ‘shop now’ on the computer glasses page
  2. Select the frame of your choice
  3. Select lens type as per eyewear usage
  4. Choose if you want prescription or non-prescription computer glasses
  5. If prescription, either enter or upload your prescription
  6. Select computer vision package
  7. Review cart and make payment
  8. Get it delivered at your doorstep

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Digittal Eye-strain

Digital Eye-strain

Working on computers has become indispensible part of today's lifestyle. Significance of computers in business and lives cannot be neglected and so is the eye-strain. Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) has become a common problem due to constant and long staring at digital devices.

The harmful blue light emitted from computer can adversely affect your vision. Another culprit that affects your vision is the glare of digital devices. Some of the common symptoms are blurred vision, red eyes, headache, itchy eyes and eye strain. The increased amount of time you spend in front of computers, increased are the chances of digital eye strain. Unfortunately the use of computer cannot be avoided (especially if it's your bread and butter) but the good news is digital eye strain can be avoided.

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Relieve your Eyes with Computer Eyeglasses

If you are a regular computer user and are experiencing any of the above symptoms, then there's a solution for this - computer glasses. These eyeglasses differ from regular glasses as they have additional feature that helps to view computer screen without any strain. They are specially designed to block the blue light, eliminate glare and comfort your workday. You can choose from fashionable line of computer glasses online that looks good and comforts viewing.

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Relieve your Eyes

Lens Coating

Lens Coating

Since we have evaluated, blue light radiations and screen glare are two prime reasons for digital eyestrain, the optical industry have come up with lens coatings like blue block coating and anti-reflective lens coating which offers stress-free digital screen viewing experience. If you are already specs wearer, you can incorporate additional lens coating along with your prescription. For non-eyeglass wearer, there are stylish computer glasses available with no prescription.

For the fashion-conscious crowd, there is wide variety of professional-looking frames available at Framesbuy. It will definitely enhance your personality, safeguard your eyes and relax your day at work.

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Can I use computer glasses even if I don’t have power?

Yes, you can simply select non-prescription lenses and proceed by choosing computer vision lens package. Computer glass is for everybody who use digital devices. Even if you have flawless vision but suffer from eyestrain then computer eyeglass is the solution.

For what type of devices, can I use computer glasses?

Computer glasses are not just for computers. You can wear them irrespective of digital device and screen size you use. Mobile phones, laptops, tablets, computers, LED screens, television sets, every device emit harmful blue rays from which you need to protect your eyes.

How computer glasses work?

Computer glasses are different from regular glasses. They are specially designed to reduce the negative impact of the harmful blue rays generated from the digital devices. It also reduces the glare of the screens and increases the contrast so that you can use the device without affecting your eyes. It is highly recommended for people who spend long hours working on computers.