Complete Guide on Prism in Eyeglasses


Double vision trouble? Has the doctor prescribed you prism glasses? Wondering how the triangular solid geometric object gonna help you in improving your eyesight. Don’t fuss over, it’s not that complicated to understand. You might be new to this optical term but these prescription glasses were said to be invented in around 1930s.

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Easy Guide to Understand your Contact lens Prescription

understand-contact-lens-prescriptionContact lenses no longer serve as just a fashion accessory. More than half of the world population wear contact lenses and millions out there wear for vision correction purpose. However, you cannot just pick any contacts and expect to see clearly. There is no such thing as one size fits all in contact lenses.

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A Complete Guide on Wearing Contact Lenses for the Beginners


All those contact lens wearers out there, inserting and removing lenses must have certainly become part of your routine. Isn’t it? However, beginners, you may require a little time to adapt and get used to wearing contacts.

Wearing contact lenses is not at all a Herculean task. Approximately 70 million people around the world wear contact lenses, so definitely this colossal count reveals that it’s not a daunting process.

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How Electromagnetic Radiation and Blue Light is Damaging our Eyes


An invisible danger that’s undetectable to our senses but slowly affecting our eye health!

Throughout our life we are exposed to the harmful rays, whether it’s ultraviolet, electromagnetic or blue light. Over-exposure to any of these, can have a negative impact on humans. Are you at risk? Unfortunately, YES! We all can become the victim of such dangerous radiations, as we are surrounded by them.

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Does 20/20 Vision Actually Mean Perfect Vision?


Can you see objects clearly at 20 feet? Kudos! You have a normal vision. You must have heard quite often about 20/20 vision to determine eyesight which indicates the sharpness and vision clarity. It is the measure of vision acuity. 20/20 vision is actually kind of a certificate saying that you have a normal vision.

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Eye Exercises Guide for Naturally Healthy Eyes


Of all the sense, sight must be the most delightful.
– Helen Keller

Your eyes make the world visible to you. They are your doors to the world. And just like any other muscle, our eye muscle also requires some stretching and exercising. Strengthening our eye muscles is possible and helpful. Now, with technology taking over the world, our eyes, more than ever, need relief from soreness and dryness due to screens. Prolonged periods of screen time also takes its toll on our eyes. 

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Can Keratoconus Turn you Blind? Know Everything about this Eye Disorder


Can there be anything worse than losing eyesight? Probably nothing, but what can be equally worse is poor or damaged vision, especially if you encounter it suddenly. Of all the senses, your eyes are most valuable. You were enjoying seeing the beautiful world and all of a sudden, everything gets distorted. This can be really dreadful. It’s almost impossible to imagine life without normal vision. Even a slight change in your eyesight can change your life drastically.

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When and How did Glasses Become a Fashion Accessory?


The idea of wearing glasses was certainly shunned until it became a style statement and was seen paraded in international fashion shows. It’s no more a medical need, it’s a style need. The dreary vision correcting machine revamped surprisingly into a cool and swanky faddish accessory. In fact the rage is so high that even people with perfect vision wear glasses just for the sake of fashion.

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Essential Tips for Travelling with Glasses


Travel can stir the soul like nothing else. The world is full of beautiful destinations where each time you find a new sun, a new sky and a new place that gets etched in your mind and heart forever. Your journey begins with sightseeing and seeing the beautiful planet certainly cannot be possible without your vision. You can feel the magic of the nature only when you see it, this indicates good eyesight is quite essential to enjoy travelling. But also that doesn’t mean glass wearers cannot explore the world.

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