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Replace Lenses in Existing Frames

Love your current pair of glasses, but need new lenses? Update your prescription or simply get clear new replacement lenses fitted to your existing frame.



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Prefer to order on phone?
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Please note:

  • While our experienced lab technicians take all care when fitting your new lenses, we cannot accept responsibility for any incidental damage that may arise. By its nature, reglazing requires us to fit new lenses to old frames which may have weakened or loosened over time.
  • Unless otherwise specified, your old lenses will be discarded during the reglaze process.

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Reglaze Glasses FAQs

A. In case your eyeglass lens gets damaged or your prescription changes, there's no need to completely change your spectacles. You can simply get new lens/lenses replaced in your existing frame with the reglaze process. If your frame is in good condition, reglazing is certainly a good option.

A. We can refit the lens in any type of frame fully rim, semi rim or rimless.

A. We offer all type of lens fitting single vision, bifocal, progressive lenses and also provide different types of lens coating.

A. Sometimes it can be very quick while sometimes it may take time. It depends upon the lens type. If it's single vision then it may take less time as compared to bifocal or multifocal lens. It might take 5 to 15 or maximum 28 working days to get your reglazed glasses delivered.

A. To place your order for reglaze glasses, either follow the simple steps as shown on this page by selecting the frame type you want to get reglazed - full rim, semi rim, rimless or sunglasses or you can fill the form.

A. Fill the necessary details like name, mobile no., address. Upload the prescription image and photo of your frame and submit the form. Once you have placed the order, you will receive a mail with quotation and instructions and accordingly you can courier us your frame which we will reglaze and send it back to you.

A. We accept payment via PayPal and credit cards.

A. Before sending us your frames, please make sure that they comply with the following standards:

Plastic Frame: In case of plastic frames, ensure that there are no small cracks around the rim. Also it shouldn't be discolored nor brittle.

Metal Frame: Ensure the screw holding the lenses are not damaged and the metal joints are firmly secure.

Rimless Frame: The lenses of the frame which you send are not secured with a permanent nut and bolt.

Buying new, superior quality frame can cost a bomb and if you already own an expensive one why to pointlessly invest again? If your frame is in good condition or if you simply love them then just replace the lenses and enjoy using your existing frame by injecting new vision. With the breakthrough in eyewear technology, reglazing is quite possible for any kind of frame. When to opt for reglaze service? Broken, scratched or damaged lenses Change in prescription Simply update the lenses Add new lens coating like anti-glare, anti-reflective, polarised, blue block or photochromic Reglaze service at Framesbuy Replace lenses without wasting existing frame and money. With Framesbuy’s reglaze service you are guaranteed with big savings. Whether it’s single vision lenses or multifocal/progressive lenses, we can get it fitted in your existing frame. You will receive your reglazed glasses within our standard delivery time, only for complex or customised prescriptions, our expert opticians might require some additional time. We are sure you will be happy with the outcome. You only need to pack your frames carefully and send it to us, we’ll take care of the rest. Whether you wish to have the same quality lenses or upgraded one, you can mention us your requirement, and get brand new lenses of your choice. At Framesbuy, we assure you with fast, affordable and quality service.

A. Yes, you can continue using your beloved frames with new lenses. With our reglaze service you can get lenses replaced in your existing frames.

Reglaze Glasses Australia

Get a fresh, clear view without giving up your favorite pair of glasses! Experience sharp vision by reglazing your lenses online at Framesbuy. As an approved and registered provider with all Australian health funds, Framesbuy ensures that your purchase is covered when you choose to reglaze your spectacles with us.

With Framesbuy, you can keep the frames you love while enjoying the benefits of new lenses. Whether you need single-vision, bifocal, or progressive lenses, Framesbuy offers a variety of options to suit your needs. Our convenient online service allows you to easily select your lens type, provide your prescription details, and even add any desired coatings or options. Once you've made your choices, simply send in your frames, and our expert team will take care of the reglazing process. Rest assured that you'll receive high-quality lenses that will bring clarity and comfort back to your favorite eyewear. Don't compromise on style or vision - reglaze your glasses online with Framesbuy and rediscover the joy of seeing clearly.

Sunglass Lens Replacement

Framesbuy offers a convenient and reliable sunglasses lens replacement service, allowing you to revive your favorite pair of sunglasses with brand-new lenses. Whether your lenses are scratched, damaged, or simply outdated, Framesbuy has you covered. With our expertise and extensive lens options, you can restore the functionality and style of your sunglasses.

To avail of the sunglass lens replacement service, simply choose your desired lens type, such as polarized or tinted lenses, and provide your prescription details if needed. Our skilled team will handle the rest, ensuring a seamless lens replacement process. Once your sunglasses are reglazed with the new lenses, you'll be ready to step out with enhanced protection and clarity. Enjoy the sun while safeguarding your eyes and embracing your personal style.