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Love the pair you wear? Enjoy new vision and clarity with quality lenses in your existing frame.

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  1. What is reglaze?

    In case your eyeglass lens gets damaged or your prescription changes, there’s no need to completely change your spectacles. You can simply get new lens/lenses replaced in your existing frame with the reglaze process. If your frames are in good condition, reglazing is certainly a good option.

  2. What type of frames can get reglazed?

    We can refit the lens in any type of frame fully rim, semi rim or rimless.

  3. What type of lenses do you offer?

    We offer all type of lens fitting single vision, bifocal, progressive lenses and also provide different types of lens coating.

  4. How long will it take to get my glasses done?

    Sometimes it can be very quick while sometimes it may take time. It depends upon the lens type. If it's single vision then it may take less time as compared to bifocal or multifocal lens. It might take 5 to 15 or maximum 28 working days to get your reglazed glasses delivered.

  5. How should I place my order?

    To place your order for reglaze glasses, fill the above form.

  6. What is the reglaze process?

    Fill the necessary details like name, mobile no., address. Upload the prescription image and photo of your frame and submit the form. Once you have placed the order, you will receive a mail with quotation and instructions and accordingly you can courier us your frame which we will reglaze and send it back to you.

  7. What payment methods do you accept?

    We accept payment via PayPal and credit cards.

  8. What precautions should I take before sending glasses for reglaze?

    Before sending us your frames, please make sure that they comply with the following standards:

    Plastic Frame: In case of plastic frames, ensure that there are no small cracks around the rim. Also it shouldn’t be discolored nor brittle.

    Metal Frame: Ensure the screw holding the lenses are not damaged and the metal joints are firmly secure.

    Rimless Frame: The lenses of the frame which you send are not secured with a permanent nut and bolt.

Note: We we will not be responsible for breakage of the frame during fitting of the lenses and will not be liable for breakage of the frame or loss of color etc. The existing lenses on your glasses are of no use to us, so we will simply trash them unless you want them to be returned. If you want the original/old lenses back, please inform us while placing the order. We will try our best to remove them without damage, but we cannot guarantee the same.