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Designer Finaire Frames

Our designer Finaire frames blend style, colour and pizazz. Perfect for forward-looking fashionistas who love to stand out.

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Premium Titanium

Premium titanium frames for eyeglasses offer durability, lightweight comfort, and a sleek, modern look, making them an excellent choice.

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Timeless Rimless

Our Rimless frames are ultra-lightweight, sleek, and versatile, offering a minimalist look with maximum style and comfort for everyday wear.

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Everyday HAMSA

Our HAMSA collection is your go-to everyday range of frames. Made from premium acetate, they're modern, stylish and understated. Available in a range of sizes and styles, fit them with your lenses of choice and try a fashion tint to show your personality.


Eyewear for everyone and every need

From kids to seniors and everyone in between, our frame collections offer the widest selction of colours,
styles and materials to suit your every need.

Men's Glasses

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Women's Glasses

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Seniors' Glasses

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Give new life to your favourite frames

Love your glasses but need a new prescription? Give new life to your favourite frames and reglaze them with fresh lenses. Just send us your prescription and your frames, let us know if you want to add a coloured tint and you'll have them back in no time.

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Happy with my purchase

I recently purchased a pair of prescription glasses and was thoroughly impressed by the quality of the lenses and the prompt delivery. No complaints whatsoever. The cost was even lower than buying non-prescription sunglasses in-store. This marks my second satisfied purchase from Framesbuy, emphasizing affordability and speedy delivery.

Saadet Norris
14 Jul, 2023

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I'm completely satisfied with my purchase. This website offered the most competitive prices I could find, which is why I chose to shop here. My sunglasses arrived with a lovely storage box, and it took less than a week for my order to arrive.

Peter Mager
01 Jul, 2023

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Buy a backup pair and SAVE

Accidents happen and things get misplaced. Add an identical backup pair to your order so you'll never be left without your glasses. Just click 'Save 10% on backup pair' AFTER you've created your order, then proceed to checkout.

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Find what you're looking for in a jiffy

Know what you're looking for and want to find it fast? Browse by the most popular frame shapes and colours so you can find what suits you in a jiffy

We're here to help

New to ordering glasses online and need help understanding your prescription
or taking measurements to ensure the perfect fit? We're here to help.

your prescription

Read Morehow to read glasses prescription

Measuring your
Segment Height

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Matching frames to
your face shape

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Shop Australian made glasses online

Framesbuy is Australia’s leading retailer of eyeglasses, kids glasses and glasses cases. Here, we offer an exclusive collection of glasses frames and prescription lenses online.  Framesbuy is Australia’s premier destination for eyewear. With an extensive selection of glasses frames, prescription lenses…

Framesbuy is Australia’s leading retailer of eyeglasses, kids glasses and glasses cases. Here, we offer an exclusive collection of glasses frames and prescription lenses online. 

Framesbuy is Australia’s premier destination for eyewear. With an extensive selection of glasses frames, prescription lenses and kids glasses, we offer the perfect frames for every occasion. Our exclusive collection of frames are designed to provide comfort and style, while our prescription lenses come with added features like anti-reflective coating and UV protection.

We also offer a range of glasses cases to keep your glasses safe and secure. Framesbuy is dedicated to providing you with quality eyewear at the best prices in Australia. Our collection of men's and women's glasses offers something for everyone. Choose from full-rimmed, semi-rimmed or minimalistic rimless frames to find the perfect pair that reflects your style.

Prescription glasses for all ages

We have prescription glasses to suit every style and taste, from retro to metro. Whether you're a professional or college-going student, fashionista or geek, our range has something for everyone - both men and women. With our wide selection of frames and lenses, you can find the perfect look to match your individual style.

Vision is one of the most important senses we have and it should be taken care of. We, at Framesbuy, understand this importance and help promote healthy eyes by providing our customers with high-quality eyeglasses and lenses that prevent eyestrain, headaches and other vision problems. Our products are designed to offer improved clarity, comfort and style so that everyone can enjoy a better quality of life.

Your purchase of glasses is covered by health funds

Getting a new pair of glasses can be expensive, but what if you could save money and still get quality frames? With health fund benefits, you can now claim back a portion of the cost of your optical purchases – making it easier than ever to get great glasses at an even better price! Not only do you save on the purchase itself, but you can also claim your optical purchase from your health fund provider. This means that with just one simple step, you can enjoy both the convenience and savings of getting a new pair of glasses.

Pick a pair of designer eyeglasses

We are an authorised retailer of some of the most renowned eyewear brands from Australia. With our wide array of styles, shapes and colors to choose from, you're sure to find a pair that perfectly suits your needs. So don't wait – browse our collection today and find the perfect pair of designer glasses!

See clearly and comfortably with our range of prescription lenses

At Framesbuy, we are committed to providing you with the highest quality prescription eyeglasses. We offer a wide range of lenses to choose from, including single vision, bifocal, and multifocal/progressive lenses. Our lenses are made with precision and accuracy to ensure that your vision is crystal clear. In addition, we offer a digital lens coating that protects your eyes from the harmful blue light emitted by digital devices. This coating can be added to your lenses during the checkout process. At Framesbuy, we are confident in the quality of our products and offer a 100% quality assurance. If for any reason your glasses don't suit you, we offer a full refund. Shop with us today and experience the best in prescription eyewear.

Get the Best Value on Prescription Glasses at Framesbuy

Fed up of spending a ton on glasses? Check out Framesbuy. We think quality specs shouldn't cost a bomb, which is why we provide the best value frames in Australia.

We understand that 'cheap' can seem undesirable, so we don't prioritize it. Our specs use great materials and are made to last; but they don't come with a crazy price tag either. So you get quality eyeglasses at a fair price!

Don't just take our word for it, read the feedback from our satisfied customers. Our clients rave about the affordability of our eyeglasses and recommend Framesbuy to their family and friends.

Get your vision sorted without emptying your wallet. Head over to Framesbuy for a great selection of glasses at unbeatable prices in Australia.

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How to choose eyeglass frames?

You need to consider the shape of your face first. Go for frames that complement your face shape and proportion. The frames should be of perfect fit or else it can affect the vision. Your eyes should be exactly in the center of the frame glasses.

Suggest frame type for round shaped face?

Round face is of equal length and width. To match the full cheeks and round chin, angular shape frames or rectangular frames are best. Frames with sharp details make the round face look elongated.

How to take care of eyeglasses?

Regular cleaning is essential to keep your eyeglasses in better condition. Firstly, keep your glasses in clean and dry place and away from things that can harm them. To clean the glasses, spray water or eyeglass cleaner on both the lenses and wipe it properly with non-clint cloth. Clean until the smudges are cleared and the glasses become spotless. You can get eyeglass cleaning solution at optometry clinic or any medical shop.

How frequently you need to check for your prescription or how old it can be?

Prescription depends upon the age and health of the individual. Usually prescription shouldn't be more than 2 years old. As per the age and health, following is the frequency to get your eyes tested:

  • For children under 7 years - Eye test need to be done, every 6 months
  • For age group 7 to 16 years - Eye test need to be done, every year".
  • For age group 17 to 59 years - Eye test need to be done, in every 2 years
  • For age group 60 to 69 years - Eye test need to be done, in every 2 years
  • Above 70 years - Eye test need to be done, every year

If you are diabetic or if you or your family member has glaucoma, then you need to test your eyes, every year.

Are contact lenses prescription and spectacles prescription same? Can I use it to order my spectacles?

Contact lenses prescription considerably differ from eyeglasses prescription. Contact lenses are directly placed on the eyes whereas spectacles are placed 12mm away from the eyes. So, you cannot use the same to order eyeglasses.

I work on the computer almost all day long, how can I avoid eyestrain?

Working on computer for prolonged hours can damage your eyes. The radiation released from digital devices are harmful and can cause Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). However, you can avoid the eyestrain by wearing computer glasses / blue light blocking lenses. It will safeguard your eyes from the negative effect of the blue light. You can also opt for anti-reflective coating glasses to eliminate reflection while viewing computer and increase vision clarity. You can wear computer glasses even if you don't have number, it is just to protect your eyes from digital eyestrain.

What percentage of blue light your computer glasses/blue light glasses block?

We offer standard blue light lenses that assures to block around 70 to 80% of the most harmful blue light emitted from digital screens.

How can I get rid of irritating reflections on my eyeglasses?

Go for anti-reflective coating lenses as it eliminate all kind of distracting reflections and enhance the vision. It improves night vision and also looks attractive by wiping out the glare. These lenses are highly durable.

Can I use regular glasses to protect my eyes from sun?

Regular plastic lens doesn't have the ability to protect eyes from harmful ultraviolet radiations. You can apply UV protective coating on your lens to safeguard your eyes. However polycarbonate come with built-in UV protection while glass lens can shield your eyes from UVB rays.

Glasses that change to sunglasses when you go outside. Can you tell me more about them?

Photochromic lenses are the optical lenses that appear clear but when exposed to bright light or sun light it darkens. The lenses color change as per the light intensity. It acts as regular glasses indoor and automatically turns into sunglasses / tinted lens when bright outside. These lenses are also known as light-adaptive lenses.

I'm tired of my "Coke-bottle" eyeglass lenses. Is there anything I can do?

You can luckily get rid of the coke-bottle look with high index lenses. The stronger the prescription is, the thicker is the glass lenses. But the advancement in optical technology has introduced high index lenses, so even if you have stronger prescription, your eyeglass lenses will be thinner and lighter. Get the sleek, lightweight high index lenses at Framesbuy that is sure to complement your look.

What is the difference between bifocal lenses and progressive lenses?

Bifocal lenses is designed to correct near as well as distant vision. The lens is divided by a thin horizontal line. The top portion of the lenses is to view distant objects clearly while the bottom portion is used for closer vision. On the other hand, progressive lenses is meant for seamless viewing across all distances without any division line across the lens. There is not much distinction between these two type of lenses as both offer excellent vision correction. However, if you are looking for flawless appearance, progressive lenses are a favourable choice.

Can I get new lenses for my existing old frames?

In case of new prescription or broken lenses, there is no need to change your frames. If you are attached or comfortable with the existing one, we have a perfect service option for you. Framesbuy offer reglaze glasses where we can fit new lenses in the existing frames. This option is economical and also favourable as you can update your lenses, without departing away from your favourite frames. Your newly fitted glasses will be safely delivered at your doorstep without delay.

Do you offer blue light filters on your reglazing service for bifocals or progressives?

Yes, we do offer blue light coating for the reglaze service you choose for bifocals and progressives. The costing will depend on your prescription as well. So please send us a copy of your prescription to get an accurate quote.

Do you offer non-prescription glasses?

At Framesbuy, we offer myriads of stylish sunglasses and glasses choice for all ages. We have high-quality non-prescription glasses at affordable prices that not only offers stylish looks but also provides complete protection from harmful UV rays and blue light. You can choose from wide variety of styles like wayfarers, aviators, cat-eyes and much more. Find pair of non-prescription glasses that complements your personality along with lens package for eye protection. If fashion accessory is all what you need then you can go for frames only option.

Do you have sunglasses?

Yes, we have in stock variety of stylish sunglasses of world,s best brands. We at Framesbuy offer popular range of shades with maximum UV protection and vision clarity.

Can I change my shipping address after ordering my glasses?

Yes, you can change the shipping address but only before the order status is Dispatched. You can change the address within 2 days from the time order placed. However, once the product gets dispatched, it will be delivered only to the address mentioned already.

What happens if I enter the wrong shipping address and I don't update my order until after my order is dispatched?

If your shipping address is incorrect, you will need to update your order while it is still marked 'in process'. Once your order commences quality checks and starts being prepared for dispatched, you may no longer be able to update your shipping address. If you order is dispatched to a shipping address and is unable to be delivered (e.g. the shipping address provided is incorrect or incomplete), it will generally be returned to us by our shipping provider. If you wish to update your shipping address for us to resend your order, you will be required to pay an additional shipping charge.

What happens if my order was attempted to be delivered and taken to a post office for collection?

You will need to collect your parcel from the collection point with a certain number of days as indicated by your local shipping provider. It is your responsibility to collect your order within the required time period. We recommend using the online tracking code provided upon dispatch to follow the progress of your delivery. If you do not collect your order within that time period, your order may be returned to us. If you wish for us to resend your order, you will be required to pay an additional shipping charge.