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Digittal Eye-strain

Blue light is much more dangerous than you think!

Light gives us the power to see while light also deteriorates our power to see. We are naturally exposed to some form of lights that are harmful for our eyes. One such light that can hamper our visual capacity is blue light. Blue light is not only penetrated through sun but in this technology driven world everything you interact with, on daily basis has highest level of blue light.

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Blue Light Blocking Glasses

The blue light emitted from your computer screens, smartphones, laptops and other such digital devices can cause a great deal of harm to your vision. It can increase the risk of macular degeneration that cause permanent damage to your eyes, even leading to vision loss. Natural eye filters are not enough to protect your vision from damaging, you need blue light filter. It’s a special coating on glasses that strongly defend your eyes from the hazardous light.

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Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Lens Coating

Designed for the Digital-age

Blue light glasses are specially designed to make your eyes compatible with this digitised world. It definitely differ from regular glasses as it acts as blocker and helps to defeat

  • Digital eye strain
  • Blurred vision
  • Eye fatigue
  • Computer-related headache
  • Dizziness & dry eyes
  • Back and neck strain
  • Screen glare

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Do you Need Computer Glasses?

Even if you have crystal clear vision, but if you are continuously glued to digital screen or spend more than 8 hours a days working on computer then blue light blocking glasses are strongly recommended for you. The more you spend time with digital devices, the more your eyes are prone to vision related problems. Usage cannot be avoided but protection can be assured. Life without smartphones and computers is pretty unimaginable. Reduce blue light exposure with computer glasses and spend healthy digital time.

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Relieve your Eyes

Start Protecting your Eyes Today

Framesbuy offers you stress-free digital device viewing experience. Whether blue block lens coating for your prescription glasses or non-prescription computer glasses, shop as per your preference and safeguard your eyes without delay. We have best line up of eyeglasses at affordable prices.

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What is blue light?

Blue light is a series of visible light spectrum that is emitted naturally as well as artificially. It is emitted from sun and digital devices like computers, smartphones, laptops, tablets, televisions. Over exposure to the blue light rays can damage your eyes. It can lead to major vision problem like age-related macular degeneration.

Does blue light blocking lenses protect from UV rays too?

Yes, Framesbuy offers computer vision lens package by Montclair which provide complete protection against the harsh blue light rays and also UV rays emitted from sun. It effectively absorbs the harmful rays and ensure visual comfort.

How does blue light glasses fight eyestrain?

Your eyes are not designed for close up viewing for prolonged hours and thus viewing digital screens can have a negative impact on your vision. The specialised blue light glasses make sure your eyes are shielded against the dangerous rays. It absorbs right amount of blue light rays that is affecting your vision. It also helps in enhancing your work performance by reducing strain.