Teen Glasses

neither too matured nor too kiddish it's simply youthful!

Teen glasses for girls

Glasses symbolising youth culture

Self-conscious teenagers often find glasses unappealing and refuse to wear them. But if it reflects their youthful individuality and enhances style quotient, why would they ever say no to glasses?

Yeah, glasses are now freaking cool!

Teen glasses frames

Are there glasses for all occasions???

For attending lectures or for prom nights, on a casual outfit or bohemian style dressing, chilling-out on weekend or visiting grandma's home, there are cute glasses to suit most of your moods and occasions.

Dozens of dope styles to jazz up your look

Vibrant glasses

Vibrant colours are unapologetic when it comes to teen glasses. Brighten up your young personality with eye-popping trendy frame colours.

Funky glasses frames

Show off your own style, there are no restrictions. Eccentric shapes, funky colours, quirky prints, intellectual-looking or beautifully embellished frames, don a pair that makes you feel happy and confident.

Hipster glasses

The hipster style big and chunky frames will definitely not let you go unnoticed. Bold blacks or clear acetates in squares, rounds and cat-eyes, make an eye-catching statement accessory.

Not just fashion, consider comfort and safety too

Wise suggestions
Do you tend to break things, accidentally?

Go for the indestructible metal frames or ultra-flexible titanium frames.

Metal frame glasses
Anti-reflective glass
Is the glare/reflection distracting you?

Choose anti-reflective coating to enhance both clarity in vision and cosmetic appearance.

Lens coating
Gaming glasses
Are you addicted to gaming?

Go for gaming glasses or blue-light blocking glasses to prevent digital eye strain.

Gaming glasses
Non-prescription glasses
Glasses without prescription?

Non-prescription glasses are for teens who don't have a number yet wish to wear glasses as a fashion accessory.

Non-prescription glasses
Lightweight frames

Looking for lightweight frames?

Acetate can be a great option or even wireframes.