There are over 1.2 Billion video gamers in the world, ignorantly getting attacked by 1 monster.

Not virtual, the real monster! It is the Dangerous Blue Light, that’s slowly attacking your eyes.

Gaming glasses is your saviour

Prolong gazing at digital devices can permanently damage your eyesight. These devices emit harmful blue light rays. Shield your eyes with blue light blocking glasses and enjoy your play with vision clarity and protection. Whether you are playing games on PC, TV, mobile or tablet, a perfect pair of gaming glasses will eliminate the strain your eyes undergo during game play. All the gaming maniacs, get flawless fit, varied colors, shape and print choices in blue light glasses, so that you game in style.





Colors & Prints

Colors & Prints

Performance matters and protection too

Gaming certainly requires strong vision and focus to match the pace of play and stay ahead. Glasses can help to improve your gaming experience. With our advanced optical technology blue block lighting glasses, all you gamers can witness:

  • Reduced damage of blue light rays
  • Reduced blur and glare
  • Improved color clarity
  • Reduced visual stress
  • Absence of dry eyes and eye fatigue
  • Relief from headache
  • Enhanced vision and gaming performance
  • Great comfort

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Successfully defeated blue light!

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Why gaming glasses are needed?

You gamers are so focused and hardly blink your eyes while playing. Prolong screen staring is definitely not good for your eyes. The artificial blue light emitted from the gaming devices can hamper your vision. Gaming glasses acts as shield and combat harmful radiations. It reduces eye strain and enhances your gaming performance. So it’s worth buying.

Are gaming glasses and blue light blocking glasses same?

Blue light blocking glasses, gaming glasses and computer glasses are all designed for common purpose - to fight against the negative impact of the blue light emitted from the digital devices. So you can go for any of the option to keep your eyes safe while gaming.

Can you see clearly with gaming glasses, won’t that affect the gaming experience?

Gaming glasses, in fact amplify your gaming experience. It prevents blurred vision, eye strain while the digital games look brighter without color distortion. It also provide better contrast due to which you can see better. You can comfortably play for longer hours with glasses for gaming.