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How to Choose Glasses for Triangle Face Shape?

Glasses that perfectly fit your face shape can be a great fashion accessory. So you think you have a triangular face shape? Face that gradually narrows down towards chin from forehead is categorised as based-up triangular face shape.

Triangle Face Shape


The top of the face is too wide while the chin is small. Narrow jawline and pointed chin make this face shape distinctive from others.

To complement this face type, go for eyeglass that is slightly wider than your jawline.

Suitable frames for Triangle face shape

Cat-eye frames

The winged cat eye glasses rightly creates balance by minimising the width of the top portion of the face. It tends to draw attention to your eyes and accentuate the best features of your face.

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Cat-eye frame

Clubmaster frames

The broadened brow of the clubmaster balances well with the jawline. It softens the jawline and makes it look flattering. The frames appear wider than your forehead which takes off the attention from that wider part of your face. It's a timeless style that works beautifully with these facial features.

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Clubmaster frame


  • Don't go for frames that are wider at the top or are very dark or decorative. Top embellished frames will draw attention to the forehead, so avoid buying such frames.

Color to choose

Light colors, neutral shades or even clear glasses will go well on triangle shaped face. Pink, peach, light blue, white, light grey or any translucent frame will flatter triangle face shape.

Frame type

Opt for frames made up of light material like acetate and thin metal. Round pointed frames that spells simplicity and classiness are best suited.

Not only for the triangle, but we also have eyeglasses suggestion for oval, diamond, round, square and heart shape face too. Check out our complete face shape guide for each face type.

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