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How to Choose Glasses for Square Face Shape?

Knowing your face shape is as important as knowing your shoe size. For perfect fitting shoes, you require accurate shoe size, similarly for perfect fitting and suitable eye-frame you need to understand your face shape. There are many face shapes, however if you have strong angles with proportional length and breadth then your face type is considered to be square.

Square Face Shape


Square face is characterised with wide forehead, strong horizontal jawline and squared chin.

The forehead is the widest part and is proportional to the jaw. To complement the angular lines opt for frames that soften the features. Avoid frames that are wider than your forehead.

It's alluring to have square shaped face as the prominent jawline makes you look beautiful in photos. Many popular film stars, models have square face. Super-model from Australia Miranda Kerr looks stunning with her square face. Angelina Jolie also belongs to square face shape league.

Suitable frames for square face shape

Round frames

Round frames create perfect balance by softening the angular features. It contrasts the straight line and makes the face appear longer. Slim round frames will draw attention away from the harsh angle by creating a perfect balance.

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Round frame

Oval frames

For square-shaped face, oval frame is the best bet. Like round shaped frames, even oval balance the angles and makes the face appear longer. Oval glasses are wider in breadth than length. It creates a professional look and matches most of the outfits.

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Oval frame

Cat-eye frames

General rule of thumb while opting for eyeglasses is to look for frame shape that's opposite to your face shape. Since square face is proportional with equal length and breadth, cat-eye will help to add length to the face. Cat-eye is best for bottom-heavy faces like square and diamond shape faces.

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Cat-eye frame


  • Square or strong geometric pair of glasses frame that enhances the angular features rather than softening it
  • Frame measurements and shape that strengthen the jawline

Color to choose

Glasses with bright poppy colors can help to draw away attention from the strong angles. Colors like pink, blue, coral, red, and shades of purple can be a great choice. Neutral colors like beige, cream or clear can also create a balanced effect by making your face softer and longer.

Frame type

Go for thinner frames without sharp edges. Wider frames will create an illusion of a slimmer face. So opt for frame that is wider than tall. Slim frames of plastic or wire will look good. Square faces are said to be strong face.

Their trademark feature, angular jawline can make them incredibly ravishing. Look for flattering glasses online at our store and enhance your beauty.

Not only square, we have eyeglasses suggestion for round, triangle, oval, diamond and heart face shape. Check out our complete face shape guide for each face type.

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