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How to Choose Glasses for Heart Face Shape?

Do you wear heart on your face? Oh wait! We mean to say is your face heart-shaped? This face is quite distinguished than other face shapes and comes across as bubbly and charming. If you are an eyeglass wearer, you need to choose the one which matches this versatile face shape. Eyeglasses are not just used for vision correction, it's moreover a fashion accessory, so pick wisely.

Heart Face Shape


High cheekbones, broad forehead, tapering down towards jawline and chin are characteristics of heart shaped face.

Their chin is much thinner than forehead, so go for glasses that create a balanced look. While selecting for frames, your aim should be to minimise the top part of the face. Bradley Cooper, Scarlett Johansson, Eva Longoria are some of the famous celebs flaunting heart-shaped face.

Suitable frames for heart face shape

Wayfarer frames

The contemporary wayfarer frame work wonders on heart shaped face. The slightly winged-out look perfectly balances with this type of facial features. Make sure the wayfarer style is wider than your forehead and have rounded base. This will draw attention away from the chin.

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Wayfarer frame

Cat-eye frames

The lifted up corners of cat-eye style frame, de-emphasise the impact of narrow chin. This style of frame is angular and is wider than the forehead due to which they can outshine the heart-shaped face. The prominent end points are just so flattering.

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Cat-eye frame

Oval frames

For the pointed chin, oval frame is best as it takes away attention from the lower portion of your face. Oval frame has less amount or no angles which balance out your jawline width. It also adds less volume to the top part of your face.

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Oval frame

Clubmaster frames

Clubmaster can be best pick for the fashion-forward people. This frame shape is glam and at the same time adds width to your chin. The pointed corners help to balance the face proportions. Clubmaster is one of the elegant choices for heart-shaped face.

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Clubmaster frame


  • Top-heavy frames as it will not create a balance
  • Heavy rims as it will highlight the length of your face
  • Very less width frames

Color to choose

Light color eyeglasses like clear, light grey and light brown can accentuate your look by creating right balance. On the contrary bright floral patterns and bold tortoiseshell frames can also complement heart shape face as it will divert attention from the face shape.

Frame type

Bottom heavy frames, low-set temple frames balance the impact of heart shaped face by giving a softer flow. Rimless style glasses are also a good choice. Frames with details on lower half or embellishment on frame corners is simply adorable.

Eventually it is all about your choice. Whatever style you pick, make sure it's flattering and loved by yourself.

Not only heart, we have eyeglasses suggestion for round, oval, triangle and square shape face too. Check out our complete face shape guide for each face type.

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