10 Tips for Buying kid’s Eyewear

Are your little ones straining to see? They might need prescription glasses. Getting a perfect pair of glasses for your children is a tedious job. Moreover, an optometrist may confuse you with a wide variety of kid’s eyewear collections. You need to get frames that would be durable and comfortable.

Knowing that getting the right pair of frames for kids is a bit challenging, we have come up with a solution. Here in this article, we have narrowed down a list of 10 shopping tips that would help you get the best pick for your child. Scroll down to learn more!

10 Shopping tips while buying your kid’s eyewear

Here are some go-to tips for parents looking for the right eyewear for their little ones.

1. Lens thickness

Referring to the prescription would be your prime consideration but you need to consult the optometrist to get the right kind of glasses for your kids. Thick lenses would make the frame heavy and may not be managed by your kids. Avoid large frames and look for high-index aspheric lenses to ensure sharp vision.

2. Fashionable lens

Don’t make them feel conscious all the time after wearing glasses. Get something attractive and fashionable besides, being just a prescription glass. You can even look for photochromic lenses that offer a sunglass kind of effect that inspires them to wear glasses. Check out some of the amazing collections at Framesbuy!

3. Plastic or metal frame?

Earlier, children’s frames were commonly plastic-made. Those were durable, less expensive, and lighter. Nowadays, kids are fashion conscious and look for something that would give them a grown-up look. You can easily get on those kinds by consulting an optometrist who can offer you metal glasses that have incorporated these features. Look for hypoallergenic glasses to avoid skin irritation and allergies.

4. Proper bridge fit

Young children do not have fully developed noses and as a result sliding of frames is a common problem. It is tough to get a suitable frame that fits the small nose. Consult an optometrist or optical dispenser whether the frame is a good fit for your child. Otherwise, these little devils will not bother to push the frame up and would look over the top of lenses affecting their vision.

5. Temple style

Your naughty devils are busy all day running around. To fit their need you must pick something for them that fits tightly around the temple and doesn’t fall off. Wrap-around temples or curl temples are available on metal frames as well. You can even add an elastic strap but going for a wrap-around would be preferable for your toddlers.

6. Spring hinges

Spring hinges are a nice addition to the kid’s eyewear that adjusts it while they take off and put back the frames. The hinges allow the temples to flex outward, which makes it safe for kids even when they are sleeping or playing.

7. Lens materials

For scratch-resistant and built-in protection from ultraviolet rays get your kids polycarbonate or Trivex lenses. These are significantly lighter and more comfortable. These lenses protect their vision and offer risk-free usage.

8. Sports glasses

Regular glasses with polycarbonate lenses are not enough to waive of risk of injuries while playing. If you have a sports-kid, look for a sports frame with a polycarbonate lens that offers the best protection against injuries.

9. Warranties

Ensures that your seller is offering you good quality glasses with a warranty. Badly scratched glasses just after a few days would be risky for your kids. Get impact-resistant glasses with a warranty to avoid unwanted risk.

10. Back up pair of glasses

Even though you purchase high-quality frames and lenses, you cannot trust them with kids. So as a backup keep a second pair ready in case of any emergency.

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