Watch out for these Latest Eyewear Trends in 2021

Latest Eyewear Trends

Wanna update your style? It’s 2021 and the fashion world has already spoken about the latest trends. Do not perceive eyeglasses as an afterthought because that’s what has unknowingly just become the most trending fashion accessory. Be it eyeglasses or sunglasses, this little wonder can instantly create an eye-catching style statement.

Some of the voguish frames may seem subtle but when worn right, they can get heads turned while some classic styles are back in demand. And there are also some daring quirky additions to the trend list.

So if you have decided to invest in eyewear, here are some trends, you need to watch out for:

The Vintage-Inspired Geometric Shape Frames

The rounds, the rectangles, the ovals and the squares, these 70s inspired frame shapes with a hipster touch are back in vogue. It rightly impresses the modern-day people. These frames in bolder colors or clearer versions can match almost everything in your wardrobe while if they’re slightly oversized then surely it will give your style a boost.

Saga - round glasses
Verse - Cat eye glasses

Look Around Through Candy-Coloured Lenses

Tinted lenses are now high on fashion. From rustic hues to electric hues, tinted lenses are best incorporated in your outdoor look. Rose-tinted glasses are said to reign throughout 2021 while the subtle blue lenses are definitely the in-thing. No matter what tint you choose, the popping candy coloured lenses are sure shot attention-grabbers.

Fantasia - Pink tinted glasses
Prano - Orange tinted glasses

The Understated Clear Frames

There is an array of clear frames. The translucent coloured eyeglass frames are sophisticated and at the same time fashion-forward too. These trendy frames look impressive on both men and women. Oversized honey shade, hipster style transparent grey, the neutral dusted pink are the top picks of this season.

Vida - Square clear glasses
Aqua - Cat eye glasses

The Retro and the Versatile Tortoiseshell

Tortoiseshell is not like before, it has been completely revamped. Right from quirky colours in tortoiseshell patterns to eccentric shapes, the retro style has now popped up with a modern appeal. These printed frames are now also available in clear material for a more powerful look. Anybody can easily pull off the tortoiseshell glasses.

Lyrics - Tortoise shell glasses
Keno - Rectangle tortoise shell glasses

The Strong Marble Eyeglass Frames

The innovative multicolour blended frames in any shape are subtle, delicate and uniquely attractive. The thick-rimmed marble frames make a strong fashion statement. However, if you don’t wish to go all bold then you can also opt for semi acetate marble and semi-metal glasses. They look super-classy.

The Old School Metal Wired Glasses

Okay, now you must be thinking that Harry Potter made them famous. Well, yes these extra nerdy glasses are trendy eyewear of 2021. The iconic glasses are available in different shapes and sizes and also in a varied range of colours. Metals wired glasses are also supremely lightweight, durable and flexible.

Elliott - Aviator glasses
Sailor - round glasses

The Elegantly Embellished Frames

It is for the diva in you. If you like to don glasses with an extra glam factor then embellished frames are just for you. Bring the runway look to your wardrobe and simply stand out of the crowd. The sparkling frames also come in some distinct shapes like never before.

If you are passionate about trends then you should definitely try out any of this eyewear style and propose a more fashionable approach to this essential accessory.

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