A Complete Guide on Wearing Contact Lenses for the Beginners

Wearing Contact Lenses

All those contact lens wearers out there, inserting and removing lenses must have certainly become part of your routine. Isn’t it?

However, beginners, you may require a little time to adapt and get used to wearing contacts.

Wearing contact lenses is not at all a Herculean task. Approximately 70 million people around the world wear contact lenses, so definitely this colossal count reveals that it’s not a daunting process.

In fact, it’s effortless and easy to get used to. You are never too young or never too old to wear contacts if you wish to switch from glasses to contact lenses, go for it anytime without a second thought. The constant advancement in eyewear technology has made contact lenses much comfortable and impactful than before. Don’t’ worry first-timers, here’s an ultimate guide on how to put in contact lenses to make your life better with contact lenses.

Let’s start with how to put in contact lenses.

Steps to insert contact lenses:



First and foremost, wash your hands clean with soap, rinse and dry them properly with a clean towel/cloth.



Now check the contact lenses which you are going to wear whether it’s in good condition, clean and undamaged. In case you find dirt settled on the lens, you can rinse it with a solution.



Now place the contact lens on your index finger. Check the laser marking (if present) is appropriate to ensure the lens is not inside out. The edges of the lens should be pointing upwards, it should appear as a bowl.



Use your opposite hand to hold up your upper eyelid and slowly insert the lens placed on the index finger. Avoid blinking.



Look up and place the lens on the lower part of your eyes that is the white part of your eye.



Now release your eyelid, look downwards, blink for few times, the lens will naturally get placed at the centre.

Use the same steps to insert the lens in other eye. That’s it! Now enjoy clear vision without losing the natural feel.

Wearing lenses will get better and better:

Practice makes perfect, even wearing contact lenses. First time or even initially few times you may find it troublesome to put in lenses. But eventually with proper practice and wearing it frequently will make you a pro in wearing contacts. Even your eyes will get adjusted to lenses and won’t feel uncomfortable.

Follow the schedule rules:

These rules are surely NOT meant to be broken as it can affect your eyes. Every disposables lens is designed to be worn for a certain scheduled period. You need to dispose of them accordingly.

Daily disposable contact lenses Wear them in the morning and dispose of before you go to the bed. It’s high on hygiene and comfort.

Weekly/Bi-weekly disposable contact lenses Dispose of them by the end of every week (7 days) or in two weeks (14 days) – as per recommended. Need to be cleaned and stored safely overnight.

Monthly disposable contact lenses Throw these lenses away at the end of the month (30 days). It’s a cost-effective choice and a good extended wear option.

Bit Of Advice: How To Care For Contacts:

  • Always wash and dry your hands before touching lenses.
  • Avoid wearing contact lenses when sleeping. If you feel uncomfortable or witness blurred vision due to lenses, immediately take them off.
  • Once removed, store your contact lenses in a disinfectant solution to remove dirt.
  • Keep nails short or make sure to use fingertips to safely remove or put lenses.
  • Never go underwater with your contact lenses on.

Important FAQ:

What if my contact lenses feel uncomfortable?

When you are new to contact lenses, be aware that they may be painful for the first few days. Hard lenses are much more prone to this.
Use rewetting drops made exclusively for contacts if your eye feels dry after you’ve put in your lens. Meanwhile Examine the lens for any rips, tears, or debris before applying, if it irritates or strains your eyes. If you find any makeup, dust, or debris on the lens, clean it well in the lens cleaning solution.

How long does it take to get used to contacts?

When switching to contacts, The familiarization period may vary from person to person. And mainly depends on the type of prescription and contact lenses prescribed. Expect it to take about a week or two to get adjusted to your new lenses.

Contact lenses, today are quite safe and comfortable. Your eyes might take few days to get adjusted but later you won’t even feel like you a wearing one. Follow the step by step process and conveniently make the move to contact lenses.

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