Steps to Safeguard your Beautiful Eyes

‘The eyes are windows to the soul’, it reflects your inner side, your emotions and your thoughts, so better take care of them.

You need to take special care of your eyes. Though all the sensory organs are crucial, eyes are considered to be most delicate and easily harmed human organ. Especially in this current era, pollution, digital device radiations, unhealthy intake, majorly contribute to poor vision.

Don’t be lenient about your eye health; it should be given top priority. Whether you are driving or walking in sun, working on computer or reading often, you might get prone to eye infections. The mentioned situations are unavoidable in our daily lives but you can definitely avoid the negative impact on the condition of your eyes by following some healthy practices.

Take a regular eye check-up:

We always think that if we are able to see properly, we are having good vision. Little strain is bearable and is usually neglected thinking it is okay. Since your eyes have to face so much of pressure and stress on daily basis it is likely to get affected.

Irrespective to age, it is important to examine your eyes at regular intervals to avoid any major risks. Meet eye specialists and test how well your vision is. It is advisable to disclose your family medical history to the doctor.

Indicate you Need Eyeglasses

Proper intake of vitamins and other healthy food:

Do you remember when you were in school you were taught to eat carrots and other Vitamin A rich food for good eyesight. Vitamin A rich products like carrot are really effective for healthy eyes.

It reduces the risk of eye disease like macular degeneration (disease resulting in loss of vision). Antioxidants also trims down the risk of vision problems. Many fruits and green vegetables have a great amount of anti-oxidants.

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Wear sunglasses when in the sun:

When your delicate eyes get exposed to sun, it is likely to get harmed due to the dangerous ultra violet radiations.  Sunglasses are a must for eye protection. Glasses offering 99 to 100% UV protection or polarised sunglasses are best to safeguard your eyes from the sun. These glasses block the hazardous UV-A and UV-radiation and also eliminate glares that damage the eyes.  Also, make a habit to wear glares while day driving.

UV Protection Sunglasses 1
UV Protection Sunglasses 2
Guess 7568 52f
GU 7568 52F
polarised sunglasses 4
Jaba 53447

Safeguard your eyes from damaging blue light:

Eliminating digital devices from your daily life is probably impossible but eliminating the harmful rays generated from these devices is certainly possible. Computers, laptops, smartphones, tabs and other such digital devices generate blue light which causes digital eyestrain and affects the eyes negatively.  To reduce the risk of vision problem, opt for glasses with blue light lenses. Blue light glasses are perfect for long days and are available in prescription as well as non-prescription glasses.

Certain eye problems are age-related that can’t be avoided. However, following the above steps can positively help you to reduce the risk of poor vision. Preventive care of your eyes will aid you to enjoy clear vision for the years to come.


Your eyesight is one of the most precious gifts from heaven, preserve it.

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