A Complete Guide to Colored Contact Lenses

Guide to Colored Contact Lenses

How about adding a bit more spark to your eyes? Enchant the world with the beguiling aura of your precious gems, your eyes! Just like styling your hair or adding a cosmetic base to your face, a colored contact lens can enhance your appearance with a fabulous look. The only difference between these lenses and other make-over accessories is, you can simply switch on to a picture-perfect look as per your convenience or need.

You need not visit anywhere and don’t even need assistance every time you put on these lenses. Does it seem confusing? Well, let’s make it easy for you. Check out the article to learn more!

Does Colored Contact Lenses guarantee the safety of your eyes?

One of the most vital parts of your body is your eyes that bring the whole world in front of you. Hence, taking the utmost care of these jewels is highly necessary. For this reason, proper guidance from an eye care professional is essential before you use any contact lenses.

Generally, colored contact lenses are made of certain material that restricts oxygen supply to your cornea that distorts your eye-health. But using the same under the guidance of a professional while maintaining proper lens care would keep you on the safer side.

Can colored contact lenses make you go blind?

We often come across some disturbing news about the after-effects of using colored contact lenses. Getting a moist and befitting lens for yourself may seem a daunting task. Hence while you choose one be very sure about its authenticity. Go for reputed brands that offer medically certified lenses. Such precautionary measures can avoid eye infections or other serious eye issues.

Can my friend wear my colored contact lenses?

Sharing your friend’s costume accessories may be a normal practice for many of us. But this does not work equally well for eyes as well. Avoid sharing contact lenses with your friends to get rid of eye infections and other eye discomforts.

Can one use Color Contact Lenses without referring to a prescription?

Why put your eyes at risk without using a prescription? Rather consult an eye care professional and refer to the prescription before using colored contact lenses. These lenses add a splash of color that intensifies your entire appearance. But have you ever thought that it might even hamper your eye-health?

These are medical devices that perch on your cornea. These lenses tend to cut out or decrease the flow of oxygen to your cornea that results in eye problems. Consult a doctor and refer a prescription to experiment freely with your look by adding some color to your eyes.

How does a colored contact Lense work?

These are genuinely smart medical devices that take care of your looks and at the same time adjusts your vision. These are uniquely designed to fit properly on your iris to give you proper vision.

Steps to use

We must be aware of the techniques of using contact lenses. Colored contact lenses are super cool and trendy fashion accessories that also imply correct application procedures. Let’s check out the steps!

  1. First and foremost, do not forget to wash your hands before you touch your lenses. These maintain the hygiene of the lenses and the health of your eyes.
  2. Choose a good place to store the lens and disinfect these every time before using them.
  3. Never swap your lenses between each eye. Even though the prescription is the same for both eyes, try to maintain the specific lens for each of your eyes to avoid chances of eye infection.
  4. Take the help of a professional to grasp the way of applying the lenses to your eyes.
  5. Check the orientation properly to maintain correct vision.
  6. Hygiene should also be maintained equally while removing the lenses.

What are the varieties of Contact Lenses?

Types of lenses depend upon the visionary requirements. But that doesn’t mean you have to compromise your style or aesthetics. There are non-corrective lenses that simply enhance your looks. While on the other hand, prescription colored contact lenses are also available that blend visionary requirements with amazing color tints.

Lenses do not just suit your vision and style. But its vibrant colors and features give distinctive looks and magnify your elegance. Do you want all eyes on you? Then Vivid Tints are just for you. These lenses come with a wide color range that gives a bright and attractive look.

But if you are one of those who want to glam up with a natural look, then Enhancement Tints are the befitting option for you. These natural-looking contacts give a subtle change to your looks by intensifying your natural eye color. You might have even noticed a few with doll-like eyes. Well, that’s due to Circle Lenses that magnifies your pupil size and adds a little color to the outer edge of the lens.

What color should be chosen for your eyes?

Confused between True sapphire or Sterling Grey? It is a real challenge to get the right color contact lenses for eyes. An expert eye-care professional can help you to get the fighting colored contacts.

Wide varieties of colored contact lenses are available in the market. Those with light-colored eyes may opt for Enhancement tints. These contact lenses blend well with your natural eye-color and render a noticeable spark due to the presence of a dash of other colors. In general, darker eye-colors need deeper shade for a distinctive look.

Next comes another type that goes pretty well with both lighter and darker eye-color. An opaque tint is something made for all. This gives a trendy look with an exclusive electronic glaze for a more enhanced look.

Color Contact Lenses for Special Occasion

The market is loaded with different other types of colored contact lenses that come with various wild patterns and features that suit various occasions. Whether vibrant festivities or creepy Halloween, you can get varieties of special effect lenses or custom-made lenses. These are not prescribed ones but may define your style statement at least for one-time use.

To be more precise on the fact of using colored contact lenses, it is quite obvious you get multitudes of options online and offline. But choose wisely to get a high-quality contact lens that offers optimal comfort to your eyes without compromising on style and trend.

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