Different Types of Hinges For Eyeglasses

A good fit is essential when you shop for new eyeglasses. Various brands hype their products with certain terminologies that you may find confusing. One such terminology is hinges that is a significant aspect to determine the fit. Different brands have various types of hinges that come with unique features. The buying guide for eyeglasses involves the types of hinges you should look for yourself to get a better fit. Besides, the repair and maintenance of eyeglass hinges depend upon the type you choose. Keep reading to explore more on this!

Standard or Barrel Hinges:

The most common types of hinges that you can find are standard hinges, which are also known as barrel hinges. These are the oldest type and function similarly as a door hinge. These are made up of barrels that fit into each other just like a zipper with a small screw that glides easily. These have many interlocking loops that keep the barrels in place and allow the arms to move while keeping them firmly attached to the frame. The more the number of barrels in the frame the more durable the frame is. Though this is one of the oldest types of hinges, it can be found in a wide variety of frames.


  1. These hinges are easy to repair.
  2. These are much more durable than any other type of hinges.
  3. The parts of this kind of hinges are widely available in the market, thereby making it easily repairable.


  1. They lack flexibility and hence they need adjustment which may require a visit to your optician.
  2. These hinges cannot resist the jerks of intense physical activities. Hair flip or morning jog may fall your eyeglasses accidentally.

Spring Hinges:

The second most popular choice for eyeglasses hinges are spring hinges, which are also known as flex hinges. These are equipped with springs that offer a wide range of arm movement which is over standard 90° as well. These types of hinges offer greater comfort than any other kind. Moreover, these hinges can withstand wear and tear and are meant for rough use on a daily basis. These are mostly made out of 3 barrels that give flexibility. People with active lifestyles can go for it as these safeguards your eyeglasses from accidental fall while you are engaged in jogging or other activities. Besides, people who are regular users of eyeglasses and often travel around due to their work can go for this kind of hinges.


  1. Due to their flexibility, these require fewer adjustments.
  2. These are comfortable, unlike other types.
  3. These are better for people who indulged in daily physical activities and are also best fits for children’s eyeglasses.


  1. These hinges require specialty tools for their repair. Hence, these need to be sent to the optician or in some cases to the manufacturers for their repair. Therefore, these are significantly difficult to repair.

Hingeless eyeglasses:

Eyeglasses are evolving with various frames, lenses as well as hinges. But there is one kind that is trending nowadays that ditches hinges. That might sound strange, but it’s true. Hingeless frames have no screws, no barrels, and a hinge. These are designed meticulously to fit the wearer’s head and generally come in rimless frames. These are made out of titanium that makes them strong and durable. These frames devoid of this extra piece do not compromise durability.


  1. These are perfect for those with a high-activity lifestyle or who are indulged in heavy sport.
  2. The hingeless frames are quite fashionable due to their sleek and modern design.
  3. These hingeless frames offer a perfect fit and can withstand normal wear and tear.


  1. These frames are not easily repaired, as they may need to be sent to the optician or manufacturer.

By now you have come to know what are the three main types of hinges available in the market. They all have their merits and demerits, and hence, you need to choose among the wide collection available on online sites or retails stores the right eyeglass for yourself. Understand your need and go for the right kind of hinges that best suit you. Need not ponder and research intensely before looking for eyeglasses. This article will clear all your concepts regarding hinges. Besides, you have your very own Framesbuy that features a wide range of eyeglasses that cater to all your eye care needs.

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