How to Replace Nose Pads on Glasses

Hey, Daily Glass Wearer! If Tiny Nose Pads on Glasses are Gone Or Worn Out? Get Ready To Learn Tips To Replace Nose Pads. 

Nose pads are meant to keep glasses off your nose and relieve pressure against the skin causing pain, nose dents, marks, and slipping. But If you wear them daily, chances are you may be frustrated with wear-out nose pads causing pain. Whatever the type of nose pad you have in glasses, with constant use, they may become loose, uncomfortable, turn to green, wear off or miss out.

If you are among the ones dealing with the struggle of uncomfortable nose pads, don’t worry! You are not out of solutions. With replacement nose pads for glasses, you can enjoy the feel of new glasses all over again without replacing the entire frame.

Let’s dig in to find the simple tips for replacing nose pads for glasses.

How to replace nose pads:

Determine the right shape and size, types and materials of the nose pad:

Note that nose pads are generally customized with the glasses and thus picking a perfect fit is important. Type, shape, size, and material are key elements to determine when looking for replacement nose pads for glasses.

Types: There are three different kinds of nose pads you can opt for based on your glass need:

  • Screw-in
  • Push in
  • Adhesive type

Shape: Nose pads come in a variety of shapes, including D-shaped, oval, button, teardrop, and so on. You’ll need to figure out which nose pad shape is best for your frame. The simplest approach is all about finding a nose pad that matches the shape of the nose pad you already own on your glasses.

Size: . This measurement is taken from top to bottom in milimeters. So you need to compare it with the nose pads you currently have to determine the correct size.

Material: Nose pads come in a variety of materials say Silicone, glass, rubber, ceramic, and other polymers. The most common nose pads are silicone nose pads.

Note: When replacing nose pads, be extra careful to avoid staining lenses and clean them regularly! Know tips for cleaning glasses right here.  

Why does the nose pad need to be replaced?

Made with soft silicone materials, dirt, moisture, sweat, and friction of skin can wear off nose pads. So you need to replace them in order to maximize the lifespan of glasses and find a comfortable fit.

Note that a comfortable fit is not all about nose pads. Finding a perfect frame involves other factors too. To learn more read our blog on How to adjust glasses.

Replacing different types of replacement nose pads for glasses:

For those who wear glass regularly, knowing the steps on how to replace nose pads are extremely important. After determining the exact mounting style and size of current nose pads, you are good to go replacing them for a comfortable fit.

How to Replace/install Screw-In Nose Pads?

A tiny screw secures the nose pads to the spectacles frame. Look for the little screw holding them in position and identify if your glasses are screwed in.

Follow these steps to replace screw-in nose pads for glasses:

  • Inspect and measure the existing nose pad.
  • Buy a replacement nose pad for glasses of the same size and shape
  • Remove the worn-out nose pad carefully by unscrewing a small screw
  • Now place the new nose pads into the mount on the frame
  • Don’t forget to lineup the screw hole while inserting the nose pads
  • Use a magnet to Insert the old or new screw into the tiny hole
  • Remove the magnet from the screw head
  • With the screw head pointing upwards, tighten the screw with a screwdriver
How to Replace/install Push-In Nose Pad?

Replacing push-in replacement nose pads for glasses is super easy and doesn’t need additional hardware material for an installation.

The steps include:

  • Wash your hand properly
  • Remove the nose pad using a flat screwdriver or push them out with your finger.
  • Place the new pads on the mount
  • Press them gently to secure them in place.
  • Finally, clean the eyeglasses and get ready to wear them.
How to Replace/install Adhesive Nose Pad?

Adhesive nose pads are stick-on nose pads that offer additional support to glasses that don’t come with nose pads. Same as push-in nose pads, they are simple to use and install.

Follow these steps to install adhesive nose pads for glasses

  • Peel away back paper to reveal the sticking side.
  • Stick the adhesive pads on the frame surface that aligns to the nose.

For best results do not touch the sticking side. Use tweezers to remove and apply pads.

Adhesive nose pads are perfect to add additional comfort. To use them, peel away the paper back to reveal the sticky side of the nose pad and apply it to the portion of the frame that touches your nose.

Worn out nose pads? It may be time to switch to new glasses. Find your next pair of nose pad glasses here.

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