What to do with the Old Pair of Glasses?

Things to do with old glasses

Whether your existing glasses do not fit properly, your prescription has changed since you got them or they no longer look attractive. Or perhaps you started wearing contacts or had a LASIK eye surgery done – there are many reasons you have stopped wearing your older pair of glasses.

If you have been wearing prescriptions for a long time, you may have some trusty pair hidden in the back of your cupboards and drawers – you no longer use them.

While getting the new pair, you might wonder what you can do with the old one? You can’t just throw them away to end up in a landfill, considering the good money spent on them and their decent-looking condition.

That being said, we have compiled here a list of things you can do with your older pair of spectacles.


If you have an old pair of glasses lying around under your drawer, don’t let them pile around with other unusable stuff. instead, come forward and donate.

Over 1 billion people across the world need vision care and glasses, let’s pass on your unused and decent-looking glasses to those in need. There are various goodwill and non-profit organizations that accept eyeglasses as a donation. With an aim, to provide disadvantaged people and the needy with the used eyeglasses, ensuring they are in decent condition with no missing parts or broken lenses.


Yes! It’s possible. Lenses are generally made from plastic or glasses which can be recycled. And again, talking about the frames, They are made from plastic, aluminium, steel or other metals which can be recycled too.

Whether plastic or metal – make sure to pop out all these parts carefully and put them in the correct recycle bin for easy recycling.


The most common case, when you seem comfortable with the pair of frames but your prescription has changed. Try, reglazing them with the new lenses. It’s hassle-free and the most important part – they are affordable too, saving the cost of buying a premium frame every time you end up breaking lenses or change in vision.


Declutter your drawers to find the old glasses lying around and sell them online to make some cash. It’s a good idea if you have a designer pair in good condition suitable for your second-hand venture.

There is no better way to harvest the best profit of reselling, than eBay and preloved online marketplaces to sell used stuff.

Pass them to family or friends:

You may have someone in your family or a friend who wears glasses. Ask them around and pass the glasses to those in need, rather than throwing them away. You never know, your good quality glasses or just the designer frames are helpful for someone in your family.

Get creative:

If your old glasses are not working for you, what about getting creative with them? Consider creating mini brooches with old lenses or instead little lamp inspiration sounds perfect to create DIY from your older eyeglass pairs.

How can I donate my old glasses?

As you make your way to a new pair of spectacles, you might wonder what to do with old glasses. we‘re here to give you great ideas on how to drop it off at goodwill.

Mail them in:

You won’t have to visit a donation centre for donations. Just mail them to non-profit organisations that accept donations.

Walk them in:

You may find several places to drop off used eyeglasses personally at donation centres.

Drop them into donation:

There are organisations that allow you to drop old pairs of glasses in the donating boxes placed at high traffic spots.

Take them thru national NGOs:

Take them to a Drive-thru for an NGO accepting donations of old pairs of glasses.

Where can I donate my used glasses?

Some people could not afford glasses and several organisations accept old glasses from you as a donation. Here is a list of such places where you can donate and feel happy at the same time.

Lions Clubs International

Lions Clubs International has a worldwide network of eyeglass collecting boxes and Lions Eyeglass Recycling Centers works with volunteers to streamline the donation process and their distribution through medical missions.

When making a way to the donation center near you, call ahead of your visit, to check whether or not they are accepting eyeglasses donations currently. There are times when centers are out of capacity and deny glass donation during the time.

Saving eyeglasses from trash and installing them with new life:

Considering the fact how throwing unused glasses away will affect the planet? and how you can reuse, recycle or donate them to charity to someone in need?

You now have the answers to what to do with old glasses or sunglasses. With this in mind, throwing them is the last thing you want to consider.

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