All About the In-Vogue Tortoise Shell Glasses

Before we hash over the comeback fashion trend – tortoiseshell eyeglasses, let’s go back to know the interesting history of how this trend actually came into existence. The frames were named as tortoise shell because it was actually made up of this reptile’s shell. It’s sad, isn’t it? In 20s era, actual shell of hawksbill turtles were used to fabricate accessories. In the current time, using animal skin or shells is considered highly unethical, however, the brutal act was put to an end in the 1950s when the authentic style of tortoiseshell eyewear was introduced. The use of actual tortoise shell was completely banned in 1970.

Let’s comeback to the present era, where we are blessed with the plastic / acetate tortoiseshell glasses. You get the same look and feel of the tortoise shell without harming the real turtle. Like black frames, even tortoiseshell glasses are in high-demand.

Tortoiseshell glasses are hippy, vintage, peppy and definitely a timeless piece of accessory which cannot be ignored. The retro-metro fashion is not just popular among the women; even men love this shade of glasses. This is a great trend that complements any outfit and pops out instantly.

Colours available in tortoiseshell:

Tortoiseshell is not just restricted to brown, it covers splash of other colours like green, black, orange, classic mottled yellow, red, honey and clear acetate. It is also available in blend of any of these mentioned tints which makes it more attention-grabbing.

Tortoise shell glasses

Tortoiseshell Glasses

Timeless style with a flash of youth.

Styles available in tortoiseshell:

Tortoiseshell glasses come in assorted shapes to match the vivid taste and preferences of the wearers.

Round shape tortoiseshell glasses:

Round glasses are classic and elegant. Tortoiseshell round glasses look great on a casual outfit. Simple blue jeans and a white t-shirt will also look dazzling with these glasses.

Cat-eye tortoiseshell glasses:

The high-street chic style cat-eye glasses with tortoiseshell is an instant eye-catcher. There is no need to adorn anymore, after wearing these glasses as it’s a perfect accessory and can be suitable for any occasion.

Oversized tortoiseshell glasses:

The iconic retro style big and bold glasses will make you instantly stand out of the crowd without much effort. Women look extremely gorgeous with oversized sunglasses. Tortoiseshell with oversized frames is a great vintage combo.

Horn-shaped cat-eye frames:

Horn rimmed glasses look geeky and geeky is in fad. It is subtle and can be an ideal choice for clubbing or going out on a date.

Tortoiseshell frames suitable for your skin tone:

It will be ideal to go with tortoiseshell frames that complement your skin tone.

If you are fair

Frames with brown-honey shades will be contrasting and look perfect on fair skin tones.

If you have a lighter complexion

The typical brown tortoiseshell frames will flawlessly complement lighter skin tones.

If you have dark skin tone

Wearers with a darker complexion can opt for coloured tortoiseshell frames.

Remember, if you are trying these frames for the first time, you can go for thin, lighter shades of tortoiseshell frames.

Tortoiseshell frames are definitely unisex, in fact, you can find many male celebs flaunting this eyewear trend. This shade of frames is readily available to match every unique face and style, so you surely give it a try.

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