Gaming Glasses: Your Partner In Eye Care for a Gaming Session

Sitting alone for hours? Caged indoors due to pandemic? Gaming seems like a spark of excitement and fun for frolickers who like building a community online. Online gaming can be an excellent outlet for much-needed connection to alleviate mental strain or isolation.

But do you know what’s so surprising about this? Here it is!

As per the report presented by Interactive Games and Entertainment Association, nearly two-thirds of Australians play online games with almost 68% out of them being working-age adults.

Nearly 81 minutes are spent by adults in front of a digital screen due to online gaming. And, TBH it becomes harder to enjoy the pleasure of gaming when your eyes are happy with this. That’s where we feel gaming glasses could be your savior to make your online gaming moments way more comfortable and would take the edge off the digital eye strain.

Gaming can be a source of relaxation for some people, especially for gamers but it’s not equally relaxing for the eyes- why? Take a look yourself!

How do video games or online gaming hamper your eye health?

Unwinding with your favorite games after a busy day is pretty amusing and nothing can beat the level of excitement every moment exudes- isn’t that right?

But the toll could be too much for the eyes and especially for gamers. Prolonged screen time will bring along a laundry list of negative effects. Moreover, some even have a habit of playing in the dark and that could be freaking dangerous due to overexposure to blue light.

If your entertainment and refreshment are centered around gaming, then you must check this out:

  • Spending hours in front of digital devices or over-hours of gaming could lead to computer vision syndrome commonly known as digital eye strain.
  • Human eyes are not designed to focus on images within six meters or adjust with the blue light. Hence, staring at digital devices for a longer duration forces the eyes to work harder, thereby causing eye fatigue.
  • Double and blurred vision, red and irritated eyes, soreness, and headaches are some more common symptoms that add to the list.

As per the 2020 Vision index, nearly 78% of Australians suffer from eye strain, and overall 90% of people who spend more than three hours in front of a digital screen are affected worldwide due to computer vision syndrome.

And, that is why gaming glasses exist especially for gamers. Wondering what it is all about, we have got the answers!

What are gaming glasses?

Gaming glasses are surprisingly the most innovative and popular choice among young gamers. If gaming is something that you indulge in almost regularly then you can find these glasses really useful.

As the name implies, these glasses are an iconic invention for gamers who prefer both online and offline gaming. Do you often play in the dark? Well, then your eyes are one step closer to digital eye strain. The harmful blue light would have a bigger toll on your eyes causing them to strain too much.

That’s when gaming glasses can protect them and help keep visual discomforts at bay. Now build your online gaming community with the best eyecare by opting for gaming glasses!

Gaming goggles

In this digital era, people spend longer time in front of the computer screen either for work, education, or even for entertainment. From Netflix binges to online gaming, computer or digital screen consumes a lot of our daily hours- isn’t that so?

But gamers are more prone to severe eye issues than others, as they spend on average 7 hours and 7 minutes each week playing games as per Forbes research. Which might let them experience headaches, dry eyes, lack of sleep and concentration, or even eye strain.

Gaming goggles are special eyewear just like your sunglasses. These are specially meant for gamers that protect your eyes from blue light. You can even check out the tinted version of these glasses to intensify their effectiveness. Or, else add tinted lenses to your gaming glasses as well. Framesbuy has ample options for both men and women to try out from!

Do you know there has been an increase of 41% in usage of online games in 2021 in Australia? The figures are quite similar for other countries as well. This gaming boom may be a boon for the market but not for your eyes.

Let’s see how these gaming glasses work and what they have to offer you!

How do they work?

Apart from blasting light or glare from artificial screens, overexposure to blue light also isn’t natural for your eyes, which would keep them straining. It will manifest a long list of eye issues including ocular migraines, blurry vision, dry eyes, and whatnot.

To make gaming a tad safer for your eyes you can use gaming glasses. Here’s how they work:

  • First and foremost, these glasses filter out blue light, and a tinge of amber tint makes these glasses way more effective in blocking these harmful rays.
  • Secondly, this restricts glare and reflection from reaching your eyes. Gaming glasses with anti-reflective coating reduce glare which makes eye focusing easier, improves color contrast, and quicken reaction time.
  • Finally, they prevent eye strain and squinting by providing slight magnification. Don’t worry this is temporary so it won’t affect your vision when you are not wearing them.

What exactly do these glasses offer?

So, that was all about the fundamental functionality of gaming glasses. But to make it more precise let’s discuss what they have to offer in terms of eye protection during online gaming:

  • No matter whether you opt for tinted lenses or not, gaming glasses reduce eye strain from blue light and screen glare.
  • Help you focus vividly on objects and differentiate colors without squinting.
  • Maintain a healthy sleep schedule and prevent dry eye syndrome.
  • Alleviates eye strain to improve your gaming session and keeps vision in prime shape.

Still, stuck in the thought of why to invest in gaming glasses? Dip your toes in trendy options with Framesbuy!

Are gaming glasses worth investing in?

So, that’s how these gaming glasses work. But the question is, do they really work? or, is it right to invest in these?

Gaming glasses reduce strain during gaming and cuts down the risk of impaired vision, especially for those who are intense gamers. If you are the one who loves gaming and not being able to control your screen time, then gaming glasses would be a considerable option to invest in.

Moreover, you can implant your prescription on these glasses to have better vision correction even while gaming. Let’s answer the question below to know more about this!

Can I get prescription gaming glasses?

You can opt for a more generic eyeglass that can mitigate the risks involved in online gaming as well as help you with your daily usage. You can customize your gaming glasses as per your prescription to make them more comfortable for you. Make sure to add an anti-reflective and anti-blue light coating for better protection.

How to choose gaming glasses?

Choosing the best pair of gaming glasses is a bigger game than deciding whether you need it or not. This is because the flourishing market of online gaming has given rise to increasing demand for these special glasses for gamers, and so picking the best among hundreds and thousands of options can be tricky.

Here we are with some pointers that you must keep in mind while purchasing your pair:

  • Comfort: Make sure you enjoy your gaming sessions with a comfortable pair of gaming glasses for a better and more soothing experience.
  • Quality: Go for quality material, after all, you need them for a purpose. Do not go for too cheap glasses which may fail to provide the necessary features.
  • Accessories: Gaming glasses are an expensive investment for your eyes. Hence, ensure that you get the required accessories to last them longer.
  • Cost: Value for money is your main motto. But keep in mind, products that are too cheap are made in the factory and would not serve you well.
  • Review: Go for products with good reviews from reputable brands.
  • Return policy: Check for the return policy as well to ensure you get what you invest for.

Final Verdict!

Hey, Gamers! Wanna get rid of pesky eye strain? Create a paradisal environment for the eyes during gaming by splurging on a pair of gaming glasses to curb the harmful effect of digital screens. We understand gaming is fun, but it is equally important to keep this vital organ protected.

Don’t think too much! Despite your long yet frolicking gaming moments enjoy a nice slumber every night by opting for the trendiest gaming glasses. Shop now at Framesbuy!

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