Momentary Blindness can be Most Hazardous!

Defend the blinding sun’s glare with Polarised Sunglasses

Defend the blinding sun’s glare with Polarised Sunglasses

The inescapable sun glare reflected off the water, road, snow or any such reflective surface, may not only risk your vision but also cause temporary blindness leading to potential hazards like accident, especially while driving.

Polarised sunglasses
Designed for the secured life outdoor

Make outdoor activities more enjoyable with

Reduced glare

Reduced eye Strain

Enhanced visual clarity

Better color and contrast

Additional UV coating on prescription clear lenses effectively protect eyes like sunglasses

All sunglasses this way
Polarised sunglasses for women
Polarized sunglasses for men

Polarised sunnies are an absolute must for


Catch the fish easily by looking deep into the water without straining your eyes


Safe driving all day and night, defending glare of sun, streetlights, and headlights

Best for

Driving Fishing Cycling Golfing

Skiing / Hiking

Soaring up the mountain or hiking across snowy lands, will be proper and safe

Playing golf

Trace golf ball more precisely when it is up in the sky during bright sunshine

Water sports

Get into action, catch the waves which you once thought was impossible