Plastic Vs Metal Frames: Which is the Best Fit for You?

Plastic vs metal frame

In the current era of customization where you can get everything customized as per your choice and style, selecting between metal or plastic glasses frames is still a big deal. There are plenty of designs, styles, materials, and shapes available that you can’t stop yourself from getting confused about what not to buy. So today we are going to find out the winner of the battle metal or plastic glasses frames after considering all the factors that make them a better choice for you. However, to be honest, there is no straight answer to this and it all depends on the usage, person, lifestyle, and preference of an individual who is wearing the glasses. Let us begin with Metal Frames.

Metal Frames

Metal frames look simple, thinner, and are very lightweight when compared to plastic frames. If you love to wear rimless or semi-rimless frames, metal frames are the right choice for you. For people who keep wearing their glasses 24×7, metal frames prove more flexible than plastic frames. However, there are some loopholes also, as its colour may deteriorate; if it breaks once, it can’t be repaired easily, metal allergy etc. Metal frames are generally made up of Titanium alloys, Monel, Flexon, stainless steel, or Beryllium.

Advantages of Metal Frames

  • More minimalistic appearance than plastic frames.
  • Metal frames are bendable, unlike plastic frames.
  • They are lightweight.
  • One can enjoy wearing semi-rimless frames in metal material.

Disadvantages of Metal Frames

  • People who have any kind of metal allergy, can’t wear it.
  • Hinges of metal frames are likely to break and are unrepairable.
  • Metal frames offer limited colour palette choices to choose from.
  • Temple size measurement is crucial.

Plastic Frames

For people who love colourful, bold, and thicker frames, plastic is the right material. When it comes to style, plastic frames offer 10 times wider range than metal. They are rigid and durable as compared to metal ones.

The subtle and classy look of plastic is the reason that it is so popular and is still trending. Plastic frames are generally made up of materials like SPX, cellulose acetate propionate frames, blended nylon frames, and optical frames. Let us know its pros and cons.

Advantages of Plastic Frames

  • Plastic frames are more durable and rigid.
  • It has a wider range of colours than the other companion.
  • Frames are thicker and hence good to hold lenses of high prescription.
  • For metal allergic people, nothing could be a great idea than this.
  • Perfect for kids to match up with their funky style.
  • The entire load of the frame is on your nose. So a frame should be comfortable to wear on the nose. Plastic frames usually have moulded nose bridges instead of nose pads like in metal frames.
  • For high prescription lenses, metal frames are not suitable. Most people prefer plastic frames only.

Disadvantages of Plastic Frames

  • Here in plastic frames adjustment sometimes gets difficult. The reason is that it comes without nose pads. So if someone wants to adjust it, they can’t
  • Plastic frames do not allow small adjustments like nose pads, ear holders. Semi-rimless frames will either break or exist but metal frames would be in use even after being bent.
  • A semi-Rimless frame is not possible in plastic frames.


Everything that exists in this world including we humans are not perfect. Everything has its goods and bad. And the same is the case with metal and plastic frames. In this article, we have shown you the facts about both types of frames. What is right for you all depends on your choice and needs. Because what is good for you might be not so good for others. Hope this article will be of use to you and help you to pick the right glasses frame for your precious eyes.

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