How to Pop Out Lenses from Glasses

How to pop out lenses from glasses

When we buy glasses, we never think of taking out the lenses from them. But at certain times, you might need to do so. Whether cleaning lenses in and out or when you need to replace your existing lens according to a new prescription or lifestyle needs, you may look for ways to remove your lenses safely without causing damage.

So, if you are scratching your head and wanna know the answer to how to pop out lenses from glasses, here you go with all the easy steps to do it in no time. Primarily, there are two types of frames – metal, and plastic. So we are explaining the easy workaround for both of these frames.

P.S. – Before we start, please make a note that these steps are suggestive. It has been observed that people who try this for the first time result in breaking down the lenses. it is always wise to consult your optometrist before doing so. Meanwhile, reglaze your glasses when you want to change your lenses and keep your beloved frames with you.

How To Pop Out Lenses From Metal Frames

Step 1: Find Where are the Screws

Metal frames are held by screws with lenses. These screws are so small sometimes that you can’t easily locate them. So, the first step to begin with the process of taking out lenses is to find where the screws are placed. The location might differ depending on frame style, so look for them underneath the arm hinges, inside of the frames, and also around the bottom rim.

Step 2: Start Unscrewing The Lenses

You may find many eyeglasses repair kits in the market. Get the one and make use of a screwdriver to unscrew the screws. To open the screws, rotate them anticlockwise. Keep calm and slowly do this job because they are so small that it would be difficult to search for them if lost.

Step 3: Push or Pull The Lenses

Metal glasses are very delicate. Even with a little force, its shape can be distorted. So, be careful while pushing the lenses out of the frames. Hold and grip the frame gently with your left hand and make use of your right thumb to push the lenses out of the frame. It is important to hold the nose bridge firmly because there are chances that while pushing the lenses, it may lose its fitting.

How To Pop Out Lenses From Plastic Frames

This is easiest but try it carefully.

Step 1: Heat The Frame

Yes, you have to heat it! But don’t worry, you don’t have to put it on a gas burner. You may make use of a hairdryer to warm it (usually available in every home) or if the hairdryer is not available, you may also heat the plastic frame in the bowl of warm water. Please make sure that the temperature should be under control otherwise you may end up damaging plastic frames.

Step 2: Push The Lenses Out.

Now once the frames are sufficiently heated as per the requirement, you have to push the lenses from the top side of the lenses. It is convenient to use your left hand to hold the nose bridge. Meanwhile, use the thumb of your right hand to push the glasses to remove the lenses on the right side. Similarly for popping out the left side lens, repeat the same thing.

The above steps are not written on the stone hence can be modified depending upon the size, shape, and type of the lens in the glasses. However, the above are general steps, to begin with.

Some Pro Tips For Metal Frames

  • While unscrewing the lenses, make sure that you place the screws at such a place where you can easily find them. Otherwise, the size of the screws is so small that they can easily lose. And you can’t find the new pair in the market too.
  • When you screw back the frame, make sure to tighten it properly otherwise it eventually lost its hold and so all your efforts will go in vain.

Some Pro Tips For Plastic Frames

  • Check that your plastic frame is not cracked or tilted. If it would be the case, you need a professional to get it fixed and the above steps might not help in most of the cases.
  • While making use of warm water, make sure that the water is not that hot that you can’t even touch it. It should be moderately warm.
  • If you feel anything wrong or you are not sure about the above process, do not try it. Otherwise, you may end up with the regret of losing your frame too.

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