Advantages of Titanium Frames

Lightweight, durable, non-corrosive, titanium frames are totally worth it.

Even though there are myriads of frame options available, one of the crucial aspects to look for while purchasing frames is durability. Eyeglasses are your daily accessory, hence there are possibilities of damage due to wear and tear. Titanium is considered to be one of the most robust, tough and corrosion-resistant consumer products in the world. It is mostly used in aircraft and automotive products.

However, not much before, this alluring material caught the attention of the eyewear industry and very soon became one of the most favourable frame materials.


Titanium is of two types – pure titanium and memory titanium

– Pure titanium is 99% pure

– Memory titanium is 75% pure, blended with 25% of other metals

Titanium glasses frames made up of titanium alloy material ideally matches daily use. When you opt for glasses to correct your vision, you need to make sure it has right prescription lenses and at the same time is fitted in suitable frames. Titanium frame material is the outcome of technological advancement in the eyewear industry.

This frame material offers many benefits to the wearer which include below:


Titanium is the most durable eyeglass material 

Most of the frame materials do not last as long as titanium does. It is a perfect choice if you are wearing your glasses on regular basis. Titanium is a strong material and thus has the ability to last long. They are not prone to damage from falling off on hard surfaces. The best option for one who finds it difficult or is not interested to purchase or change frames that often.

Mars Fashion MFA143 C2

Mars Fashion Titanium Glasses


As compared to metal frames, titanium frames are extremely lightweight and worn comfortably for long hours. Though it is strong, it weighs less. Plastic might be lighter than titanium but not durable, hence titanium is a better option. People can wear titanium frame eyeglasses while playing games, jogging or running as it is comfortable and does not disturb.


One of the most important benefits of titanium frames is that it is hypoallergenic which means it is ideal for people who have some sort of skin allergy or are sensitive to certain metal materials. Titanium is completely skin-friendly and does not cause irritation to your delicate skin, even if worn for very long hours.

Mars Fashion MFA143 C1

Mars fashion titanium frame


Easily resists on nose and doesn’t cause any irritation

Metals have a tendency to rust usually when it is in contact with water. Titanium is also a kind of metal but is rust-resistant. They stay unaffected when exposed to water, perspiration or moisture.  Even if this material frame is left in sun or humid bathroom, it will not get damaged.


One of the toughest materials but still very flexible

Not many frame materials are as flexible as titanium. Most of them are alloys of other materials rather than pure metal. Beta titanium or memory metal, titanium frames are comfortably bendable. No matter to what extent you bend the frame, it doesn’t break and can get back to its original shape. You don’t need to bother about careful handling.

Titanium is used right from spacecrafts to implantable devices, it is such a reliable and robust material.

Titanium is suitable for all:

People with strong prescriptions can go for titanium glasses as thick titanium can easily accommodate thick prescription lenses. Even fashion-conscious people find titanium a favourable choice as it offers a wide variety of trendy choices.

Titanium glasses frames are rising in demand and there is definitely a suitable one for everyone.

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