What is Crazing on Eyeglass Lenses and Ways to Prevent Them

what is crazing on eyeglass lenses

It is sheer irritation when you can’t look at the world as others do just because your lenses are crazed. Well, spectacles wearers will better relate to this. The crazing of lenses makes the picture blur and your mood also.

People with lenses face so many problems, one of them is the crazing of eyeglasses. Crazing not only makes your vision blur but in the long run, it may further damage your eyes. When People often change frames to match up the latest trends in eyeglass fashion you can’t forget the importance of lenses. Let us know everything about what exactly is eyeglass Crazing? and how to deal with it?

What is Crazing?

Do you know that all the eyeglass lenses are covered with anti-reflective coating which is also known as anti-glare or AR coating? You must have known about this if you wear glasses regularly!

Anti-reflective coating is applied to the lenses as it has many benefits. It prevents your eyes from reflection and protects your eyes. Moreover, your glasses also look classy. However, the Crazing of eyeglasses is the one downside of Anti-reflective coating. It is the network of cracks that are not visible casually but when you minutely observe, you may find many cracks on Anti-reflective coating. This web of cracks is called Crazing. In simpler words, one may call it lens cloudiness. It is often not good for the eyes to look through the Crazed lenses. Hence it is recommended to take extra and special care of lenses when they are coated with an Anti-reflective coating.

Why Does Crazing Come on Your Eyeglasses?

There may be multiple causes of Crazing on your favorite pair of eyeglasses. We’re trying to list some majors out of them here.

  • The main reason for the Crazing is the improper or careless application of Anti-reflective coating on lenses in the lab itself.
  • Cleaning of lenses with hard or rough or spiky material may also put Crazing on them. It is quite normal during busy days when we use any accessible cloth or shirt sleeves to clean the lenses. but you should stop doing this if you are practicing it so far. To prevent this, there are many lens cleaning liquids you may buy.
  • The anti-reflective coating may also contract or expand due to temperature variance.
  • When lenses are exposed to extreme heat, say if you are wearing it while welding, it could be a possible cause of Crazing.
  • Rubbed by sharp objects or eyeglasses frequently falling on hard surfaces can result in crazing.

It is not shocking that even without any reason, you may notice tiny cracks on your eyewear. That could be a defect right from its manufacturing.

Can Transition Glasses Get Crazed?

Crazing can appear on transition glasses if the lenses of transition glasses are exposed to heat for long. Wait! If you are thinking that we are recommending not to wear eyeglasses outside on a hot and sunny day, you are wrong. You won’t see it normally but it is visible when one notices it minutely. There are no such restrictions but it will be helpful to keep the lenses safe from very hot temperatures. So yes if the lenses are covered by an Anti-reflective coating, there are chances that it will be crazed.

How Does Heat Affect The Lenses?

Anti-reflective layers of coating start contracting or expanding when exposed to unusually hot temperatures. The rate of expansion or contraction depends on the intensity of hotness. Besides Crazing, the other harmful effects of heat exposure of lense are –

  • Softening plastic frames
  • Warping eyeglass lenses.
  • Damage of film of polarized sunglasses.

How To Prevent Crazing?

The best thing you can do is avoid all the above-mentioned causes of Crazing.

  • Always do proper care of your glasses.
  • Do not leave your glasses here and there, instead keep them in a safe place when you are not using them. Use hard eyeglass cases to store glasses.
  • At times when you feel like cleaning it, use lukewarm water to gently take out dust and debris.
  • Make use of soft material cloth or cotton handkerchief. You may also use a special lens cleaning cloth given by your opticals.
  • You may also find many sprays for cleaning lenses in the market.

How To Fix Crazed Lenses?

It is difficult to get back the actual Anti-reflective coating back to the shape but we can somehow fix it to use. One sure shot solution is stripping the Anti-reflective coating. Remember that this can be done by professionals only and so do not try out yourself otherwise you might fail miserably. If you go through the web, you may find several DIY solutions but we would suggest taking the help of professionals only because your vision is yours and you can’t afford to compromise with it.

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