How Smoke From Bushfires Affects Your Vision

How smoke affects vision

Have you ever tried standing close to the stove while your mother makes food? It feels very exhausting and irritating when the flames are high. Right? Well, that is just a kitchen stove flame but imagine about the Bushfires! Bushfires are quite common in places near dense forests. Yes, you have guessed it right that today we are going to talk about the Bushfires’ Smoke and their impact on your vision.

Bushfire Smoke Effect Eyes

At the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020, Sydney experienced a wild Bushfire, and many Sydneyians suffered due to the smoke mixed into the air. According to the reports published in a daily news magazine of Sydney, Bushfire has affected the vision of locals due to toxic air all around. As per the Ophthalmologists, Bushfire smoke contains carbon and dust particles that cause itchiness and irritation in the eyes. The other symptoms may include pain in the eyes, discomfort, Redness, burning of eyes, watering, and sometimes temporary blurred vision also. This smoke may give birth to many allergic conditions also. However, looking at the records, it can be safely concluded that Bushfire smoke does not result in permanent loss of vision.

Smoke’s Effect Remains Even When Smoke Disappears

After the smoke has suspended and when barely an amount of dust and ashes are seen in the air, do not misunderstand that your vision is now safe. Experts have revealed that it takes 2 weeks to clear out 100% of the smoke residue. So, it is good to take proper care of your eyes even when using fire extinguishers.

Talking about the above-mentioned incident in Sydney 2020, it was so devastating that by the time the fire stopped, the smoke had already affected almost all the states of Australia. Can you imagine a loss of 46 million acres? Not just that, 35 people lost their lives, 2800 homes were ruined, and 1 Billion animals died.

Undoubtedly, the year 2020 was horrible for Australians. Meanwhile, Australians were just emerging from the forest fire, Corona had arrived to make life worse.

How To Protect Your Eyes From Smoke

Eyes are incredible and the most beautiful gift to us. So, we can’t compromise with its safety. We can learn a lesson from the miserable and sad incident in Australia last year. That’s why we want our readers to take some measures to protect their eyes from smoke.

Note: The tips mentioned hereafter are recommended after consulting ophthalmologists, Eye Experts, and chiefs of top medical associations.

Stay In

In situations like Bushfire, avoid exposing yourself to it. Try to confine yourself inside the home because exposure to smoke released from the fire may not only affect your eyes but other internal body parts also. Also, keep windows and doors closed tightly.

Lubricate Eyes

You may find artificial tears or saline in the market to safely wash out the irritants in your eyes. You may use it to keep your eyes comfortable. Do the quality check while buying artificial tears and make sure to pick preservative-free eye drops. These tears or saline can be kept in the refrigerator to add extra cooling and relief to your eyes.

Use Glasses, Avoid Contacts

If you wear contact lenses regularly, take them out when Bushfire is knocking. Because it may block the irritants and dust particles in your eyes. Always wear glasses.

Do Not Rub Eyes

We are all aware of it but we don’t follow this precaution. When you feel itchy, you forget about all the do’s and Don’ts and rub your eyes. This may cause further loss like damage to the retina, Chronic allegories, etc.

See The Doctor

When nothing works, do not delay seeing your eye doctor as soon as possible. Because we can take only precautions but if the redness, discomfort, itchiness persists, visiting the doctor is the best thing you can do.

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