Korean Glasses: A New Fashion Fever That You Must Try On!

All about korean glasses

From regular wear to fashion accessories, glasses have now become an elegant part of our wardrobes. Many Big eyewear brands are also working hard to improve the styling, looks, and comfort of glasses to make them an impeccable part of your attire for every occasion.

Well, these days K-dramas are best-loved by one and all. And so as the Korean glasses are seen in those dramas. Korean round glasses with a thin metal frame around look quite pretty on almost all types of face shapes and the best part is you can wear them anywhere be it a party, office, or funeral. The Korean glasses trend hikes with the popularity of Korean dramas and that’s the reason that such round-shaped thin glasses are called Korean glasses. If you are also a fan, you can understand what we mean.

If you look back 3 decades or so, you may observe these types of frames over the eyes of legends like Harry Potter, Steve Jobs, and John Lennon. That time they were called nothing or maybe round glasses but in 2021, such frames are all on the go. Moreover, most people like Korean round glasses because they give good vintage vibes as well as look pretty stylish. The most interesting thing about Korean glasses style is that they are good to go with any type of material like metal, acetate, or rimless look.

Face Shapes That Suits Right With Korean Glasses

It has to be understood that not every trend is for everyone be it clothing, accessories, or glasses. It’s sheer true that the Korean glasses trend these days but does it look good on your face? Let us see which face shapes go great with the round-shaped Korean glasses.

How Do Korean Glasses Look on Round Shaped Faces?

A deep observation reveals that round face shapes are generally small in size and divided into equal parts between the forehead, cheek, and chin. Korean Round glasses do not look good over a round face. The balance of round over round is a bit off. On the other hand, any geometric-shaped frame like a square, heptagon, or octagon looks fabulous on round-shaped faces.

How Do Korean Glasses Look on Square Shaped Faces?

People with square-shaped faces have angular edges and circular frames give a sober impression to them. Korean glass style seems forbidding on this face shape.

Round Korean glasses on a square face give a friendly and jolly look which balances the wearer’s personality and appearance well. They help you look intelligent and stunning.

How Do Korean Glasses Look on Oval and Long-Shaped Faces?

The Oval face shape has a broader forehead and pointed chin. Such face shapes are perfect to wear any glasses be it round, square, or any other geometric shape. If you have an oval-shaped face, then go with any of the shapes and it gives you an appealing look.

Similarly, if your face is long, then you should go with bigger lenses so that they can cover up the upper portion of your eyes and balance the facial space. Also, people with long-shaped faces should choose thicker frames rather than thin ones like Korean glasses. So, Korean glasses are not for long-shaped faces.

How to Select the Best Korean Glass For You?

If you think that Korean glasses suit your face cut, there are hundreds and thousands of options available in the online as well as offline market. Many of the online eyewear portals facilitate you with AI technology that you can try wearing any glass virtually and check out how you are looking. Not just that, Korean glasses come in a variety of colours and shapes that you can choose from. So yeah! The choice becomes tough but there are various ways that can help you in picking up the best for your eyes styling.

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