Astro Style: Choose the Right Glasses Frame Style for Your Sun Sign

Zodiac sign glasses style

Eyeglasses are not anymore just a medical need. The rage of accessorizing eyeglasses is so high that it has been paraded in international shows and it’s easy spotting your fav celebs and fashion influencers in a dazzling eyepiece.

Besides spicing up your personality and accentuating your look, this swanky vision-correcting equipment is now a talk of the town in terms of Astro style. Why? Right from Princess Diana and Madonna to Selena Gomez and Kendal Jenner, astrology is a popular discussion among the H-town celebs. And, pairing up fashion accessories with it has become a significant ritual.

This paradigm shift with cosmic prediction is the fanciest thing that has ever happened in the fashion industry. The celestial table brings unique features for every star, and people like paring their looks accordingly to bring in good luck. Hence, styling up as per horoscope is no exception in the case of eyewear.

We agree you have a great sense of style, but we also believe horoscopes and zodiac signs impact your dressing sense too. So, to jazz up your optical wardrobe we have curated a frame style that suits your sun sign. Scroll down!

Hop down to your sign:


Glasses for Aries
Glasses for Aries

When it comes to fiery Aries, they are the first to dive into any situation. But what is so special about them? They are masters of classics in creating a seamless look from desk to date.

So, let’s see what’s in store for these enthusiastic, optimistic and courageous species!

They are chameleons of the fashion world, who believe in – “Your life isn’t perfect but your outfit can be.” – so should be their eyewear. These adventure-loving people have great leadership traits and so gold tortoise brown clubmaster sunnies are perfect to stand out in the crowd. And, as far as regular eyeglasses frames are concerned, the vintage aviators and acetanium cat-eye frames are solid choices for Aries to convey their headstrong attitude.


Glasses for Taurus
Glasses for Taurus

Reliable and sensual, Taurus prefers a luxe lifestyle with a serene and bucolic environment. But fashion-wise they are pretty cool yet prefer inclining to simple looks.

Are you a Taurus? Explore what eyewear choice will suit your pragmatic and responsible characteristic traits!

Enjoying trendy thingamajigs yet relying mostly on traditional pieces is your preference? As “ When it comes to fashion Taurus likes to keep it simple and comfy.”, upgrade your wardrobe with a classy gold transparent green full-rim round sunglasses to pull off that strong-willed appearance flawlessly. If you have a strong opinion of fashion, then tortoiseshell square frames, wayfarers, and acetate frames could be an unbeatable match for your grounded personality. This adds a feminine touch and helps you indulge in the timeless saga of fashion drive!


Glasses for Gemini
Glasses for Gemini

Vivacious risk-taker Geminis are never wallflowers. Their eloquent personality prefers wearing accessories that compel a few heads to turn when they step out.

So let’s see what eyewear piece pairs up well with their sun sign to quench their insatiable curiosity!

Are you a Gemini? Willing to take up silhouette experimentation? Brown hexagonal tortoiseshell polarized sunglasses are apt for spontaneous and playful traits.

“The Gemini nature is mercurial and quixotic-changing every day and, indeed, every moment.”- Lynn Hayes

And, this is why it might get tough to impress these folks. Try dual-tone wayfarers with round bottom frames to keep up the frolicking and experimental attitude. Spread your charisma by keeping it simple yet outgoing to uphold your adaptability and mercurial features!


Glasses for Cancer
Glasses for Cancer

With a refined sense of style zodiac’s moon child, Cancer is never stuffy about fashion. Relying on timeless classics is the specialty of empathetic Cancerians.

Cancerians weave a perfect balance between emotion and material realms. And, they are pretty sophisticated- so let’s check out what’s trending as per their sun sign!

Cancerians are the epitome of simplicity and elegance. Though these goofy species aren’t crazy party animals, they love experimenting with looks and cherishing the little pleasures of life. Blue gradient full-rim cat-eye sunglasses are big ‘Yes’ for them that supports their intelligent and intellectual side. Adding to their poised and polished appearance translucent crystal clear frames go awesome to keep the vibe intact. From the depth of the ocean to the vast expanse of the shore, these intuitive ‘crabby’ Cancerians are passionate about style and trend!


Glasses for Leo
Glasses for Leo

The bold and generous Leos is the lord of the celestial jungle. Their headstrong attitude and fiery appearance are always up for taking any fashion challenges.

These passionate risk-takers radiate exuberance and vibrancy through their selective eye-catching pieces. Let’s figure out what eyewear suits these creative souls!

Leo is fearless and has a magnanimous personality. To soften the fiery attitude, transparent wayfarer frames are a perfect win over anyone you are meeting for the first time. To embrace your vivacious and royal status round acetate frames also look classy and have a unique high-street fashion sense. No doubt Leos are adorably fabulous and are absolute trendsetters- “Leo dresses in their own style and does not follow fashion. They make fashion!”.


Glasses for Virgo
Glasses for Virgo

Steadfast Virgo is a great lover of cool and earthy tones. Their analytical, practical, and grounded personality lets them maintain a dapper look without getting overdone.

These perfectionist souls are consistent performers and maintain a systematic approach in everything they do. So here’s what suits their organized and loyal character!

The earth-bound qualities, reserved nature, and headpan humor make a Virgo stand out among the crowd. They have a unique taste in fashion and so, a vintage tinted cat-eye frame is a perfect fit for them. Adding to their love for signature pieces, accessorizing eyeglasses to redefine their looks is the best way to stand out, and hence, classic yet trendy browline frames work out best for them. This zodiac hustler is a ‘style inspiration for other zodiac signs’ and we know why!


Glasses for Libra
Glasses for Libra

Libras are a natural fashionista who appreciates classic pieces with a modern twist. Their harmonious personality is never afraid to take up weird style challenges and prefers adding a little edge to their wardrobe.

Libras are obsessed to create equilibrium in all spheres of life. Let’s check out what’s in store for these self-indulgent souls!

These fashion-conscious people love all things luxurious without looking gaudy. So, a black-green clubmaster frame would be the best fit for them. Wayfarer style with round full rim acetate frame is a fashion staple for them that exudes an extraordinary vibe and oozes style. Creative and daring Librarians know to pull off things extravagantly like no else- they are uniquely fashion-forward or a walking piece of art!


Glasses for Scorpio
Glasses for Scorpio

Scorpions are intense and passionate personalities who admire dark colors. They are the dynamic zodiac sign who utilizes their psychic abilities, power of wisdom, and strength of emotion.

These mysterious creatures prefer perfection in style 24/7, no matter what! They are charming yet complicated, let’s find out what eyewear suits their polished appearance!

They are ambitious and loyal to whatever they do or with whom they are. They are masters of uniforms and streamline their style to add some edge to their looks. Tortoise brown polarized sunglasses are an ideal fit for their contrasting and eclectic mind. Nothing beats the elegance and classic vibe of the notorious black hue. Hence, old-school rectangular round bottom metallic black frames suit them the best. Extraordinarily exotic and charismatic, Scorpios captivate with their dark glamor!


Glasses for Sagittarius
Glasses for Sagittarius

Honest, polished yet unfussy, Sagittarius has a unique sense of fashion that inclines towards femininity. Just like their unparalleled sense of humor, their enviable perception of style gravitates everyone towards them,

This goofball renders special qualities like love for spiritual adventure and knowledge. Their heart calls out for quirky accessories, so let’s peep in to find out what eyewear is perfect for them!

This spontaneous and optimistic sun sign is one of the blessed ones among all that comes with all good traits. Full-rim wayfarer polarized sunglasses with a pop of funky colors make their dynamic character way more dashing. As they prefer a few heads turns, the regular glass-wearer Sagittarius must opt for acetate frames with a metal twist for that remarkable timeless feel. They are the life of a party- they ought to look special!


Glasses for Capricorn
Glasses for Capricorn

Simply sophisticated and an admirer of classic style, Capricorn prefers cozy comfort with a twist of luxe. Though they focus on true basics in practical color, they evolve their style every time they step out.

Capricorn is a sign of success.”- Patience, perseverance, and dedication make them scale higher. Let’s find out what eyepiece suits their astral sign and their subtle taste of fashion!

Don’t go with their realistic and disciplined character, they are pretty cool about fashion and trends. And, retro polarized sunglasses are an unmatchable piece of eyewear that reflects their inner casual and chic side. As they are equally classic and sassy, tortoiseshell black wayfarer black glasses are perfect to pull off an out-of-the-box look.


Glasses for Aquarius
Glasses for Aquarius

The last air sign in the zodiac, Aquarius is intellectual and independent who is shamelessly revolutionary and determined to make the world a better place. They are passionate about good looks and do not restrain themselves from trying out something bold.

The most humanitarian astrological signs are pretty progressive in all aspects. Let’s dig in to discover what frame style come to their cosmic table!

To reflect the intense side of their personality and to bask in the spotlight, going bold is what they prefer. These free-spirited bubbly people are quite rebellious and have a penchant for unconventional choices. Hence, nothing would be better than vintage cat-eye sunglasses and double bridge aviator-inspired frames. They are the source of unintentional hilarity who like spicing it up with gorgeous makeup while holding the regular vibe with a lot of mattes!


Glasses for Pisces
Glasses for Pisces

Imaginative Pisces are wistful and bear an ethereal palette with a whimsical flair. Their impressionable personality magnetizes others but they suffer severely from FOMO.

The ‘psychic’ Pisces prefers an eye-catching appearance. Let’s check out how to jazz up their optical wardrobe by finding the rightful frame style as their zodiac sign!

They are intuitive, sensitive, and empathetic, and distinctly represent the division between fantasy and reality. They are wise and artistic and hence don’t take much time to decide what they need. So, an unorthodox frame style like gold-blue mirrored round sunglasses would be a great pick. They have an affinity toward unusual styles. Marble print full-rim round glasses with a wayfarer feel would be a quirky yet vintage combination to try out. And why not- they love “shimmer with enigmatic allure”!

Doesn’t matter what’s written in your store, if you are a shopaholic this brings you an excuse to splurge on your fav eyewear piece. But if you are up for a zodiac-inspired style to look fab and bring in good luck, then let’s turn to the stars for the best tips on the fashion eyewear trend. Unfurl your signature style that syncs well with your astral sign to uphold your gravitating personality!

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