Asian Fit Glasses: Smile Without Letting Your Specs Slip Down!

“Putting on a new pair of glasses is a simple way to completely transform your look- just like a new hairstyle.”

But at what cost?

If your eyewear fails to provide the exact fit it not only distorts your visual appeal, it impacts your vision accuracy as well.

People of Anglo-Saxon and Celtic descent or specifically Old English people, tend to have longer faces and more aquiline noses. While Asian descent are mostly spotted with lower nasal bridge, higher cheekbones, flatter facial features and wider, rounder face shapes. And, this is why Asian females find it difficult to wear just any eyeglasses.

Maybe you are not one among Asian ethnic group, but still, does glasses slip from your nose quite often? Then you must give these Asian fit glasses frames a shot to experience a comfortable fit. These glasses sit firmly on your nose and prevent frequent slip-off.

Let’s explore more on this!

What are Asian Fit Glasses?

Asian or non-Asians with low nose bridges are the ones perfect for these glasses. 

Now, you must be thinking, what does low bridge fit means? When slope of the nose is either with level or underneath the pupils then that particular facial structure is commonly identified as Asian face and requires low bridge fit glasses.

Asian fit or low bridge fit, no matter what you call these glasses, they are meant for round faces, which prevents them from slipping down.  

Did you know that 6% of Australian people were Asian-born during the period 1981-2000? 16.3% of Australian population and 15.3% of New Zealand population belong to the Asian ethnic group as per 2016 and 2018 census respectively.

What are the features of these glasses?

This unique piece of optical accessory is a great help for those with Asian facial structures. Check out what are these glasses special for:

Extra nose pad

These glasses have adjustable and slightly bigger nose pads. This is so designed that it enhances the surface area of the pad and prevents slipping down over the nose.

Temple arm angles

The temple part of these Asian glasses are so designed that it stays slightly further from the temple of your ears. This prevents the glass from rubbing against your cheekbones.

Tilted lenses

The slightly tilted angle of these Asian fit glasses offers comfort to most people. These Asian glasses fit in such a way that it leans away from your face and does not move while talking or smiling.

These special features of these Asian fit glasses make eyewear right where it should be.

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Who are Asian Fit Glasses or Sunglasses For?

It’s not necessary to be an Asian to have a round face and low nose bridge. But you do need Asian-fit eyewear if you boast the aforementioned facial structure.

Whether it’s your sunnies or regular eyepiece, if they both end up sitting on your cheeks, resulting in smudgy lens and inferior vision, then opt for Asian fit sunglasses or regular glasses.

So, who are these for? Men? Women?

Find your answer here:

  1. People with low nose bridges generally struggle to keep their glasses in place. Traditional glasses do not fit well and sit too high on the face making it uncomfortable. Asian fit glasses with adjustable nose pad sits firmly and prevents slipping down.
  2. People with wider faces and high cheekbones often face the problem of glasses touching their faces. Asian fit glasses are just for them. If you feel it annoying every time to adjust your glasses while talking, then do get these Asian glasses for a more confident look.
  3. Asian fit glasses are typically for Asians, be it men or women, or anyone outside this ethnic group featuring a similar facial structure. If you find it troublesome wearing traditional glasses then do get these glasses.

How Are Asian Glasses Supposed To Fit?

There are no specific guidelines or procedures that need to be maintained while wearing these glasses. These are simple eyewear with unique features. But they do follow special mechanisms that make it different.

  • Asian glasses balance your vision by sitting right at the center of your face.
  • The frame width is adjusted depending upon your face width.
  • The glasses align the optical center of the lens meticulously with your pupil giving proper vision.
  • The handle of the glasses goes around the ears and distributes the weight evenly across your nose bridge.

What are standard fit glasses?

Fixed nose pieces and straight temple arms- this is all about standard fit glasses.

These glasses are best suited for those with more prominent and higher nose bridges. These good old fashioned glasses may be good for some people, but not for those who constantly keep pushing their glasses backward.

Shop for eyeglasses depending upon your face shape. Check out our comprehensive face shape guide to better decide which glasses are exactly for you!

Difference between standard fit and Asian fit

Standard fit glasses and Asian fit glasses are more of the same kind. The difference lies in their design which makes the latter one perfect for Asians or individuals with round faces.

Let’s check out the basic difference between standard fit and Asian fit glasses in detail:

  • Temples: The temples of Asian fit glasses have curved ends and are more rounded. Moreover, their increased temple curvature offers comfortable fit by deterring pinching at the temple and relaxes your pressure points.
  • Nose pads: The nose pads of these glasses are narrower and deeper than standard fit glasses. Moreover, the nose pads are placed higher and have screws with S-shaped arms that sit easily just in the right position. Therefore, unlike the standard-fit glasses, Asian fit glasses provide a comfortable fit and make you avoid slippage.
  • Curve in frames: Unlike the standard-fit glasses, the Asian fit glasses come with reduced curvature. These are specially designed for those with high cheekbones or temples and thereby avoids any kind of discomfort caused due to frames.
  • Short frame height: These glasses have shorter frame height which is why they reduce the likelihood of frame resting on cheekbones.
  • Reduced pantoscopic angle: These glasses have a low angle tilt that makes the frame more vertical and keeps it away from the cheekbones.

Wrapping up!

Getting yourself a perfect eyeglasses frame is easy once you know what suits your face the best. Besides vision improvement and a refined look, a positive and pleasant experience while wearing glasses is what every wearer looks for.

Whether you look for Asian men glasses or one for women, analyze your facial dimensions first to have a comfortable fit all-day. Check out Framesbuy for more unique designs and grab one for yourself now!

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