How to Choose Glasses and Beard Styles for Your Face

Once you’ve nailed your beard style, you’re ready to take on your fashion game to the next level. But do you know when paired with the right glasses how they help you look awesome and feel confident?

Just like your glasses, a beard also comes in different sizes and shapes to complement and enhance your face shape. But, before you match them together, know that certain beard styles complement glasses better than others.

And, if you’re wondering which kind of beard to grow or what glasses to buy, we’re here to help. We’ve created the ultimate guide to matching your beard style to your eyeglasses frames so that you rock the two at the same time.

Best Glasses to Match Your Beard & Face

Whether it is growing a magnificent beard style or picking the right glasses frame, there is no end to experimenting with your look. However, picking the right style starts with knowing your facial structure.

Here we have created a handy guide for beard style-and-glasses shapes that complement different face shapes.

Round face shape:

Facial traits:

The symmetrical round shape typically has the same width and length and you will have a rounded jawline and chin.

You can grow:

Looking to accentuate the round face? The right beard style will be the one that sharpens your jawline or draws attention towards the chin. For starters, try a classic long and structured beard style. Depending on your taste and style – Short Boxed Beard, Boxed Beard, Ducktail Beard or French Fork Beard are the best choice.

What frames to wear:

The geometrical pair of glasses with sharp ends will work well with the softer features of the round face. Check out square frames with a neutral colour that goes well with every style. Or try out rectangular glasses for smaller head sizes.

Popular types of glasses for round-shaped faces:

Oval face shape:

Facial traits:

An oval face is longer than it is wide. You’ll also have a round chin and jawline. The versatile face shape offers endless possibilities for both your beard and your frame styles.

You can grow:

Want to flatter your oval face? Then you are the lucky one! Anything including a fuller beard, short boxed, stubble will equally flatter your face shape. Try and maintain a beard with some hairs on the chin as this will make your face look leaner and more attractive.

And avoid long beard styles that make your face appear longer and petite.

What frames to wear

Just like with round faces, the softer features of the oval face looks balanced with boxy and rectangular glasses. If you are rocking an oval face, you can nail almost all styles including aviators, oversized, titanium frames and even oval frames for an aesthetic and timeless look.

Popular types of glasses for Oval-shaped faces:

Square face shape:

Facial traits:

Similar to round, the square face has a forehead, cheekbones and jaw of the same width. however, your jaw will have sharp angles and minimum curves to it.

You can grow:

Men with lean and sharp features can look no sweat rocking by just highlighting a strong jawline. Show your chiselled jaw in classic french beard, royale, Van dyke that makes you look nice and sharp.

What frames to wear:

If you have a square angular face, round spectacle frames are perfect to create a balancing look. For an everyday look, we suggest round glasses that soften and contrast your sharp features perfectly. Rock your nicely trimmed square beard with an aviator to finish off your look and carry an intellectual appeal.

Popular types of glasses for square-shaped faces:

Diamond face shape:

Facial traits:

With a narrow forehead and a small chin, diamond shape face have a wide cheekbone that sits nice and high

You can grow:

As the diamond shape has a pointed chin and fuller cheeks, go for the contrast beard style that is shorter at the sides and rounded at the jawline. Do think of styles like Gootee, Balbo, chin strap and moustache & classic full beard.

What frames to wear:

Experiment with wide browline frames that will help your forehead look wide and hide down the prominent appearance of your extra-wide cheekbones. Try out rimless glasses that blend well with every style and personality.

Also reach out from frames that are wide, angular, oversized and work great with your already wide cheekbones.

Popular types of glasses for diamond-shaped faces:

Long face shape

Facial traits:

Known by length, long or oblong face shapes are twice long as they are wide.

You can grow:

Try to make your face look more rounded than long. Grow beard fuller on sides and short at the chin, i.e keep the sideburns or cheeks hairs long while keeping chin balanced. Talking about beard style anything including mutton chops, goatee or full beard can work well in keeping attention away from the length of the face.

What frames to wear:

From oval frames or square to round, you are fortunate to try any of these frames. However, to create a balance you can try wide frames with bold colours. Rock two-tone glasses or browline glasses that make our face appear fuller and drive away attention from the length.

Popular types of glasses for long shaped faces:

Trends will never go old:

Both beard style and frame style trends will forever keep changing from time to time but your face shape doesn’t. The guide provided here is just a baseline and you need to choose a frame and beard that makes you feel comfortable and stay confident.

While we have a great range of glasses for different face shapes, there’s one important tip you should keep in mind: Make sure that you select the right size according to your pupil distance and temple width. For more tips check out our guide on eyeglasses frame measurement.

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