Essential Tips for Travelling with Glasses

Travel can stir the soul like nothing else.

The world is full of beautiful destinations where each time you find a new sun, a new sky and a new place that gets etched in your mind and heart forever. Your journey begins with sightseeing and seeing the beautiful planet certainly cannot be possible without your vision.

You can feel the magic of the nature only when you see it, this indicates good eyesight is quite essential to enjoy travelling. But also that doesn’t mean glass wearers cannot explore the world.

Travelling with prescription glasses is not an uphill struggle but keeping it safe certainly is. You are on the go, losing or damaging glasses is quite a possibility, especially when you are on an adventure ride. So better be safe rather than being without sight, particularly when you go for sightseeing.

So here are few tips that every glass wearer backpacker should follow to enjoy the trip without losing sight:

Carry an extra pair:

eyeglasses pair

It hardly requires any space in your baggage, you can easily fit in the extra pair of glasses in any secured place, it’s a wise move. Just in case, if you lose your eyeglasses or contact lenses, the additional pair will always be handy. Make sure the glasses which you carry are of current prescription and in good condition. You can keep one pair in your handbag or rucksack and other in main luggage (it is advisable for long tours).

Keep your prescription handy:

If you are on a long vacation, it is always wise to keep your latest prescription handy as it will be useful to get a new pair, in case of emergency. There are lot of easy options to seek new pair of glasses. You can buy prescription glasses online by visiting any reputed online eyewear store. Most of the shopping portals offer quick delivery or free shipping benefits which can be really good for the travellers. Instead of carrying physical copy of prescription and even risking it, you can save a soft copy of it in either you phone memory, Google drive or on any app like Evernote which you can access easily, whenever needed.

Keep glasses safe in a case:

Glasses Case

Glasses easily get damaged if not stored in a proper place when not in use. Usually when we are on a trip, out of excitement we do have a habit to misplace things or throw things here and there. Avoid handling glasses leniently, better keep it in a hard glasses case as it will prevent it from damage or losing. During travelling there are chances, your luggage gets tossed in bus, plane etc., so it’s better to carry hard case for your eyewear.

Repair kit and cleaning cloth:

cleaning cloth

Keeping a repair kit and cleaning cloth with you is always a must. A minor damage to eyeglasses, tightening the screw or making it loose, all this can be easily done with the repair kit. Cleaning your eyeglass lens is also really important. You are on the go, there are likely chances that your lens gets caught with dust or sweat, so timely cleaning is necessary to avoid disturbance while viewing the nature beauty.

All this tips can really be helpful for a sightful travelling. So next time when you are on a trip enjoy the breathtaking surroundings without thinking about any visual hindrance.

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