Signs which Indicate you Need Eyeglasses

Indicate you Need Eyeglasses

Do you feel things are fading in front of your eyes? Do you find difficulty in reading? Are distant objects appearing blurred to you? What does all that actually indicate? The indication is certainly not a mystery; it’s simple that you are suffering from vision problem. Though the signal is clear many don’t understand that they actually need glasses and neglect the symptoms.

Evidently around 60 percent of the world’s population are facing some kind of visual problem and do wear glasses for eye protection. Apart from age related eyesight problems, there are many other factors such as digital eye strain, poor diet which causes vision impairment, irrespective of age. Vision problem if left untreated can turn out to be serious. You need to understand the symptoms, instantly book an appointment with your eye doctor and get suitable pair of glasses.

Do you need glasses? Signs that hints you likely need them:

Indications are wide-ranging, however we have listed down the most common and clear symptoms that will help you to identify if it’s time for glasses:

Nearsightedness (Myopia):

If you are suffering from myopia, you generally squint to see things in the distance regularly. Blurry distance vision can sometimes be accompanied by headaches. People with myopia may find difficulty in driving, watching signboards, reading from the blackboards etc. A basic eye exam can confirm nearsightedness. And You can compensate for your blurry vision with the right power eyeglasses or contact lenses.

Farsightedness (Hyperopia):

Generally found in adults, it is a common vision problem when you can see the far object clearly but the nearby object looks blurry. Dull pain in the eye, Eyestrain, Headaches, Squinting are common symptoms of the farsighted eye. People with the issue often complain about the difficulty in reading, writing, working on a computer or doing tasks that need focus. Glasses with suitable convex lenses are recommended for farsightedness.


Often called the “old eye”, Presbyopia is a gradual change in the eye’s ability to focus on nearby objects after the age of 40. You may have noticed your parents keeping phones, newspapers far away to see clearly. If this seems familiar to you, this can be a possible sign of presbyopia.

The treatment option includes eyeglasses, contacts and refractive surgery. People who could not see both near and far objects clearly need to opt for bifocal and progressive glasses.


If you experience blurred vision or halo around the object, it may be a sign of developing a cataract. This may lead to trouble focusing or gradual vision change. Still no need to panic, as it is treatable. Visit a doctor who can diagnose the issue and recommend surgery or suitable glasses for the same.

Blurred Vision

If you are unable to view an object clearly which is over 10 steps away or if words in the newspaper look blurry then you might be either facing farsightedness or near-sightedness.  Finding difficulty to view nearer or farer objects is a clear symptom of vision problem.

Poor Vision Due to Light Changes

If you are having a hard time viewing objects in dark time or your eyes cannot adjust to the sudden light changes from dark to night, then you need to get an eye check-up. The eye muscles that help to contract and expand are weakening due to which you are facing such vision impairment. This problem likely arises due to age.

Digital Eyestrain

Whether it’s for work purpose or for passing time, digital devices are used on daily basis and have become one of the predominant reasons of eyestrain. You might be constantly rubbing your eyes or squint all the time. If you are struggling with digital eyestrain, you are highly recommended to opt for blue light blocking glasses.

Frequent Headache

Usually migraine is considered to be major cause of headache. Another prime reason of headache is continuous strain of eyes. Staring at computer for long hours or exposure to bright light initially causes headache which then leads to vision problem. Farsightedness may be the cause of your headache. You need to instantly check with your doctor for headache.

Squinting of Eyes

Squinting of eyes can be normal but if you notice yourself doing it frequently then you might need glasses. This is a signal of poor vision it can be nearsightedness or farsightedness. Eye squinting is usually noticed in children.

Viewing halos when you are around light:

Can you see circles flying around light, car lights? Well it’s a vision problem which can be certainly eliminated with right pair of spectacles. According to eye experts, seeing halos can also be symptom of cataract.

 Other common signs:

Poor night vision, distance vision, double vision are also some of the common signs which indicates, it’s time to opt for glasses.

There is no need to feel embarrassed about wearing glasses, especially in the current era where glasses has become a fashion statement. Get your eyes examined by qualified eye expert and improve your vision.

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