Everything You Need to Know about Plano Lenses

Plano glasses

There are numerous glasses available out there. One among them is Plano glasses. Well, people usually doon them purely for cosmetic reasons, when no prescription is required. Doctors refer to this as PL or denote it as 0.00 when they want to indicate that the eye is ok and there is no vision correction required. Coloured contact lenses are also an example of Plano lenses which are used for fashion and cosmetic purposes. Doctors and opticians recommend taking care of Plano lenses the same way you take care of prescription lenses because they are not just a simple fibre or glass.

A lot of people misunderstand Plano glasses with demo glasses but both are very different. In this blog, you are going to know everything about PL or what are Plano glasses and also throw light on how it is different from demo lenses.

Purpose of the Plano Lenses

Ocular asymmetry means the power in two eyes is not equal. One of the eyes is weaker than the other. In such a case, when one eye is perfectly alright and another one needs prescribed lenses, Plano lenses come into the picture. So primarily Plano lenses are required when you need to cure the vision in only one eye. What are the reasons, read below –

  • When No SPH power is needed.
  • One of the eyes is blind.
  • For mimicry or acting.
  • Just to follow the Fashion and style.

The cost of the Plano glasses is not so expensive and can be effortlessly affordable by anyone who can afford a normal spectacle cost. However, there might be a slight change between prices depending on the brand manufacturer or frame style. It also depends on whether you shop it offline or online.

Plano Lenses Vs Demo Lenses

Demo lenses are nothing but lenses that are fitted into the demo frames at the opticals showroom and workshops. The only purpose of demo lenses is to give a realistic aesthetic of the frame to the users so that they can get an idea of how it would look with corrective lenses. Although no power is the common thing between demo and Plano lenses, yet they are different. Let us explain to you in detail.

Since the only purpose of the demo lenses is to demonstrate the artificial aesthetics of the frame, it is made up of low-grade thin acrylic material. However, Plano lenses offer good quality lenses that give your protection against harmful UV rays and Blue light emitted from digital screens like laptops and desktops.

So, when it comes to Plano lenses, it acts exactly like a prescription glass-like providing UV protection, filtering Blue Light, and is made up of high-quality polycarbonate material or polymer resin i.e. CR39. This won’t harm your eyes in any way but demo glasses can cause eye deterioration.

You may also add an anti-glare coating to Plano glasses. The anti-glare coating protects unwanted light reflection by providing green and purple hues. This may not be present on demo lenses, which only have simple white reflection just like any normal glass and hence don’t provide any extra coating or safety for your eyes.

Should you wear Plano Glasses?

Most Plano glasses are safety glasses with no prescription. They are important to protect your eyes from dust, debris, and other flying objects. Today Plano lenses come in a variety of protective coatings – anti-glare, scratch-resistant, blue light coating, UV coating to provide all-around protection to eyes.

Are Demo Lenses Good for Wearing?

There is a straight answer to this question and that is NO. If you have gone through the above paragraph in this blog, you would be able to understand how Plano and demo lenses are different from each other. Plano lenses offer many benefits over demo lenses. Although Plano lenses are more costly than demo lenses, they are worth spending to take care of precious eyes. Usually, a good quality Plano lens can come at the usual cost of prescription glasses.

Ready to shop:

Plano glasses or non-prescription glasses came in a variety of designs and colour choices to make every head turn. So, find your perfect pair and slip them on to instantly change your look.

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