Ultimate Buyer’s Guide – Lens Color for Sports Sunglasses

Core strength, fitness and effort, though all these are indispensable for a good athletic performance, there’s something much relevant for playing sports. An obstacle-free vision is what can help you to boost your performance.

Whether you are cycling down the road, taking a run, skiing down from the snowy mountains, hitting a golf ball or catching fish, every light condition, every weather condition can affect your vision clarity and further affect your game. For enhancing your vision in sports, a pair of sports sunglasses with tinted lenses is salvation.

Choosing the right sunglasses lens color will have a suitable effect on your vision. Each sport has different needs, some might require enhanced contrast, some visual sharpness, some improved color perception while some visual clarity, you have to choose accordingly.

Here’s a list of some outdoor sports and suggestion of lens tints that would work for your vision:


Golfing on a bright sunny day is fun but the light conditions won’t be the same all the time.

Your eyes probably won’t be capable enough to strike and spot a ball? It’s actually difficult for the naked eyes to adjust from green grass to blue sky. Sports sunglasses with tinted lenses will help you play effectively.

If you want to combat glare, go for shades with brown tint. It will also save your eyes from bright light conditions. Grey is a good tint option for enhancing vision sharpness. If the weather condition is cloudy outside, yellow tinted lenses will help improve vision clarity.

Since you will be playing under the sun, there are chances of vision damage due to the harmful UV rays. Polarised sunglasses will make your eyes feel comfortable and protected from the sun and also reduce the glare.


Sharp observational skills are highly important for fishing.

Will sunglasses with lens color, really make a difference? Yes, it will. The glare reflected from the water can be blinding, hence you will require polarised fishing sunglasses to cut down the glare.

Brown tint is suitable for fishing in shallow water while yellow and rose tint will be apt for low light or cloudy conditions. Grey lens color will improve the depth and colour perception and it will also reduce eye fatigue.

Mirrored sunglasses are also a great option for fishing as it increases the viability and reduces eye strain.


Sunny day or overcast day, you should wear sunglasses while running to protect your eyes from the UV rays.

If you are serious about running and if you run for a prolonged period of time, then you should consider investing in sports sunglasses with a suitable lens color. Not just it blocks the sun, it prevents your eyes from the debris, dust and insects.

In most light conditions, brown lenses work well while if you are a night runner, you can opt for yellow tinted sunnies. Pink is also a good option for low light and night, it improves the contrast.


Just like running even cycling need sports sunglasses to adapt to light conditions.

It is also recommended for flawless view and to protect your eyes from UV rays, dust, wind and flying insects. Since you will be constant on a ride, the sunglasses should be comfortable and perfectly fitting.

When it comes to choosing lens color for cycling sunglasses, you can pick black for bright light conditions, orange or yellow if the weather condition is hazy or cloudy. Clear lenses are always the best choice for protecting your eyes from UV rays or dirt.


While playing tennis, you might be exposed to bright sunlight as you need to look to spot the ball coming to you.

Wearing the right pair of sports sunglasses will not only protect your eyes but also improve your game.

If the playing court is bright, grey tinted sunglasses can be a favourable choice. If you wish for better contrast and focus on the ball, brown is a good choice.  If you are playing in the evening, hazy conditions or even at night, you can opt for yellow tinted shades.


The harmful UV rays and the harsh glare reflected off the snow, only right eyewear can save your eyes from them while skiing.

If you are braving on any snowy slope, polarised sunglasses are a must.

To spot the slopes and curves properly, go for polarised sunglasses of brown lens. For visibility and depth perception, yellow lens is a perfect choice. Rose colored lenses are a better choice when you are skiing in low light conditions, dusk or dawn.

Skiing sunglasses

The ultimate aim of any sportsperson should not just be to win the game but also to protect their eyes. It’s good to get a pair of sunnies that suits your sport and takes your game to the next level.

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