All you Need to Know About ThinOptics Reading Glasses

Not finding your glasses when you need the most can be really annoying!

When you reach your 40s, reading glasses is kind of mandatory to focus on things up close. The words on the pages and screens appear blurred and readers are just what you need.

Reading glasses is not something which you would be wearing all day long, it’s only when you need you’ll put on these glasses. So there are possibilities of misplacing it or forgetting it.

Have you ever heard about ThinOptics? It is said to be the world’ lightest and thinnest reading glasses. 

With versatile flexible options, you can easily slip in your ThinOptics readers in purse or pocket or simply attach it to your phone, laptop or keychain. This way you can effortlessly carry your glasses wherever you go and never lose it. ThinOptics are extremely sleek, portable and durable which makes it one of the best-selling readers around the globe.

If you are planning to buy ThinOptics, here are a few things that will help you to make buying decision. 

Are ThinOptics reading glasses durable?

Though the glasses are thin and flexible, they are extremely durable as they are made up of bulletproof strong polycarbonate. This makes the glasses shatterproof. It’s independent-suspension nose pads offer superior grip which prevents the glasses from slipping and ensures more durability.  

Are ThinOptics reading glasses comfortable?

Yes, they are extremely gentle. Readers that weighs less than a nickel, so certainly it has to be lightweight and comfortable. It gets almost glued down to your face but still feels like you are wearing nothing. It also comfortably fits on majority of the noses. 

Thinoptics reading glasses blue

Universal Pod + Glasses

Thinoptics reading glasses

Universal Keychain Cases + Glasses

Since one size fits all, will ThinOptics fit my nose?

ThinOptics reading glasses are designed to fit the majority of the noses. The glasses stay stable on your nose due to the independent-suspension nosepads. The brand has tested various combinations of nose pad to make sure it appropriately fits majority of the noses. 

What are the power/optical strength options offered by ThinOptics?

ThinOptics offer a variety of power options. The low range is for Strength +1.00, fits range +0.75 to +1.25, the low mid range is for strength +1.50 and covers range +1.25 to +1.75, the mid range is for  strength +2.00 and fits +1.75 to +2.25. The high range is for strength +2.50 and fits +2.25 to +2.75.

The universal pod (case) of ThinOptics can be attached to which phone?

Universal Pod is a slim case that can be attached to any android smartphone or iPhone. This pod is also compatible with latest mobile phones like iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max.

Universal Pod + Glasses

Thinoptics reading glasses black
thinoptics pod case

Can the universal pod case can be removed from one smartphone and be attached to other?  

The universal pod gets easily and strongly stuck to the phone so it is recommended that do not remove the pod, once stuck. 

How expensive is ThinOptics reading glasses?

As compared to other leading and competitive brands, ThinOptics readers are quite pocket-friendly. In fact, some of the online stores offer these readers at a good discounted price. Look for funky reading glasses at Framesbuy for best offers. 

ThinOptics definitely scores well when it comes to high-quality reading glasses at affordable price. So if you are looking for flawless reading sessions, without a doubt ThinOptics significantly is the best choice.

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