How Do You Keep Your Glasses From Slipping Down Your Nose

Simple hacks to keep glasses from slipping

Attention glass wearers around! These are the simple yet effective ways to stop your eyeglasses from falling off your nose.

If you have been wearing glasses for a long time, you might have experienced the annoyingness of those ill-fitting eyeglasses. Or perhaps, you are a novice, just found your glasses are too loose to slide every time you tilt your face down. This dreaded feeling of constantly pulling up your glasses on your face while they slip is probably the worst, irritating the nose and other areas of skin in direct contact with the frame.

So, what about using some of these secret hacks to make your glass stay in the right place and not fall? To permanently fix this annoying glass struggle, we are here with quick tips to keep glasses from slipping down your nose.

Why do glasses slide down off my nose?

There are many reasons why your glasses slip down your nose? However if the case is noticed since the first try, this may be due to an ill-fitting set of spectacles that may be too big for your face. Some other conditions that can cause your glasses to slide down from your nose are.

  • Oily skin
  • Heavy or larger frames size
  • Narrow nose bridge
  • Unbalanced eyeglass arms
  • Slimmer face

How to keep glasses from slipping down your nose?

Slipping or sliding whenever you tilt your face? It is easy to make slight adjustments in glasses at home and get a comfortable fit. Continue reading the article to know how to prevent eyeglass slipping problems in simple steps.

Oil-free cleanser:

Do your glasses often slip down when you have sweat around your nose? Washing your face with a deep cleansing face wash to keep the area less oily and avoid sebum production can help your glasses stay in the right place for longer and don’t slip off your nose.

Eyewear band or straps:

Adjustable eyeglasses straps or bands are a fully extendable cord to ensure that your glasses are either carefully fitted on your face or carried around your neck when not in use. Sunglasses, regular spectacle, or reading glasses, these bands are one size fits all, making your premium & expensive glasses safe for everyday use, sports, and other activities like fishing, biking, climbing, and many more.

Tightening the glasses:

A little adjustment to tighten glasses around your head is again an important tip to keep them from sliding. Adjust the temple angle or arm fitting to hold glasses tightly against the head. Note that tightening glasses to fit your face is only a temporary solution, after a few months of constant use, glasses may again need a visit to an optician for readjustment.

Silicone Nose pad:

Stick a new pair of silicone anti-slip nose pads for additional support over the bridge and improve resistance to keep glasses from sliding off.

The adhesive pads are simple to use, just peel and stick them on the bridge of glasses. Note: For best adhesion, hold the glasses after sticking for a fair time and clean them before use.

Glass Wax:

The definite solution to the annoying slipping of glasses from the face. Glass wax is formulated keeping the sensitivity of your skin in mind. applying wax coating on eyeglasses creates a layer of friction against the spectacle material, such that they stay in place. Also, they are easy to apply – just clean the glass surface and apply the coating directly on glasses (beneath the nose-bridge area of frames) when needed.

Hair ties on temple tip:

Take two rubber bands or hair ties, the same colour as your glass. Wrap them around on both temple ends of glasses. These rubber bands are supposed to provide extra weight and height at both ends of the arms, near the ear. So that the glasses stand balanced in the right place of your face.

Anti-slip Ear hook:

One of the most effective solutions to your glasses falling off or sliding down your nose is putting anti-slip ear hooks on the arms of your glasses to prevent your glasses from moving down. Easy to apply and remove, ear hooks are durable, flexible, and comfortable for longer use.

Cable temples for glasses:

Best recommended for active kids and sports persons or people with a higher prescription and heavy glass wearer, cable temples for eyeglasses are an ideal solution to keep your heavier glasses from slipping. Popularly known as curly temples, these distinctive glass arms curve behind the ear (at the temple) to offer maximum comfort and security.

Anchor ear hook tips:

An excellent anti-slip solution for your glasses, the anchor tips unlike other temple tips are designed to offer comfort with support. They are crafted with an ultra-soft elastomer and cushioned loop that reduces the pressure behind the eye.

Never push your glasses again! The above tips are here to address the problem and tighten the grip on your glasses. So you can enjoy every moment without worrying about losing or handling your glasses.

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