Best Glasses for Big Heads

Best glasses for big heads

According to Canadian celebrity fashion stylist and television personality, Brad Goreski– “Putting on a new pair of glasses or sunglasses is a simple way to completely transform your look just like a new hairstyle.

Undoubtedly, eyeglasses are an unmatchable accessory that not just improves your vision but also renews your overall appearance. Besides protecting your eyes from glare and solving other vision issues, these are one of the best tools to make an effortless statement look.

Experimenting with looks is a customary tradition in this fashion-centric world.

Though going wrong with your choices may not lead to a major fashion faux pas but isn’t actually appreciated well. So, just like you need a guide to understand what hair color, foundation or lipstick suits your skin tone, you also need to figure out what eyeglasses will go perfectly with your facial dimensions.

Hey, do you have ”Jay Leno Syndrome”? Don’t freak out! It’s not a disease. What we mean to say is that do you have a big head like this American television host and comedian?

Well, if it’s YES, then you must be struggling to find the right pair of eyewear for yourself- right? Here we are to guide you through your optical shopping haul for your big head. Stay tuned with us!

What is your face shape?

Big heads = Wider faces,

This is a common equation for all the big heads. Seemingly rounded chins, softer features along with broader jawlines are noticeably facial attributes that all big-headed men and women possess.

Does it match up with your face too? Well, then you are lucky enough to have plenty of options for frame styles to suit your big heads.

But worry not! With Framesbuy you not just get super cool eyeglasses and sunglasses varieties for big heads, but we do offer everything for everyone. Check out our face shape guide to unveil your hidden beauty with rightful frame choice!

How to find glasses for big heads?

For a more balanced look for wide-faced and big-headed people, selecting glasses must be given added attention to magnify your unique facial features. Here’s how you can pick glasses for your big heads:

  • Glasses with compelling features: Big heads generally come with round faces and softer features. Hence, geometric frames with sharp angular dimensions are perfect to offset the roundness and enhance your compelling attributes.
  • Glasses that complement your fuller cheeks: Upswept frames shapes are great when it comes to big heads as most of them have wider faces. These frames accentuate the softness, flatter the fullness, and add angles for a more attractive appearance.
  • Go for wider frames: Besides opting for angular frames, ensure your frames are wide enough to flatter your round and wide face. Frames should be at least 52mm wide, which would eventually reduce the visual wideness.
  • Check the nose bridge length: Choose frames with the correct bridge location to make your face appear more balanced overall.
  • Check the temple length: Though checking out the temple length may seem less important, it is vital for overall comfort. Most big-headed people have wider faces, and longer temple length makes your eyewear sit comfortably for long hours.
Some of the best choices for big-headed people are:
  • Rectangular frames: No other frame can match the uniqueness that it renders to every wide and round face. Its angularity ensures a slimmer profile for all big heads and bears an attention-grabbing appearance for both men and women.
  • Oversized frames: Be it your regular workdays or event nights, oversized frames never fail to statute your inner diva. And, especially for big heads, these frames stand out to be arguably the most preferred choice for all those yearnings for a bold look.
  • Wayfarer frames: The trapezoidal wayfarers are great for slimming down wide and round cheeks. No matter whether you are a retro-freak or a geek-chic admirer, these classy frames are best to hold your look flawlessly.

Get the best glasses for big heads online in Australia!

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Wrapping up!

From Anna Hathaway and Sophia Loren to Chris Pratt and Tori Spelling, all these A-lister celebrities happen to be big-headed. And, they have created amazingly striking poses in various public events with their unique choices of eyewear.

Step out from the world of boring and dorky frames, and get hold of some of the quirky glasses to suit your big head. Start shopping now!

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