All You Need to Know About Computer Reading Glasses

Computer and many other digital devices play a dominant role in our profession and life at home. They are the de facto modern convenience. But overvaluing this convenience can be risky. Have you experienced tired eyes, headache or even blurred vision after prolonged use of any digital device? If yes, you better should know that these are the symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). There are a number of reasons why we can’t get away from the screen, so abandoning digital technology is not at all a viable solution.

If you are above 40 years, the reason for blurred vision might be presbyopia, an age-related vision condition where the eye can no longer focus on nearby objects. However, if you spend more screen time, CVS can also be an added reason for blurred vision. So if you witness these symptoms, what you could do is buy a perfect pair of computer reading glasses. These special purpose glasses will protect your eyes from harmful blue light and reduce screen glare which are predominant reasons of digital eyestrain.

How do computer reading glasses work?

Computer reading glasses work similar to normal reading glasses but come with an additional benefit of blue light filter which prevents your eyes from digital eye strain.

If you are suffering from presbyopia and also spend too much time viewing digital screens then the screen reading glasses will offer you comfort and clarity while reading on the computer.

Computer glasses, generally offer 60% magnifying power of reading glasses. But the most favourable magnification depends on how close you hold the digital device for viewing. Usually, the standard reading distance is 12 to 18 inches from the eyes while the average distance of the computer screens from the eyes is 18 to 24 inches. Computer reading glasses offer you to view up close as well as at computer screens flawlessly and eliminates blurred vision.

Choosing lens for computer reading glasses:

Ideal lens colour and coating

Usually, the yellow tint protects your eyes from the blue light and makes reading from digital screens more comfortable. Anti-reflective coating eliminates the screen glare.

Fully magnified lens

In this type of lens, the magnification power is the same across the entire lens.

Unmagnified lens   

If you just want to eliminate digital eye strain and don’t require reading glasses then the unmagnified lens is an ideal choice.

Blue light blocking reading lens

It’s the fully magnified lens with a blue light filter that helps to block harmful blue light emitted from the digital screens and offers vision clarity.

How are computer reading glasses designed?

The general reading glasses are designed with a fixed reading distance just to view up close clearly whereas computer reading glasses are designed with a better focus on the reading area, around 1 metre, distance.

Some computer reading glasses can be purchased without a prescription while some are crafted as per your prescription. It is better to consider your needs and preferences before buying glasses. Since you will be wearing computer reading glasses for more time, makes sure it’s comfortable and suits your style.

Without further straining your eyes go for computer lenses with reading lens power.

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