Cat-eye Glasses – Hot Fashion Trend for Ladies

The vintage inspired cat-eye shape glasses are a classic example of fashion comeback. This retro style of glasses has kick backed with fresh amazing interpretation to blend with the modern-day look of all women out there. Cat-eye style glasses are exclusively designed to match the elegant feminine features.

The lifted temple edges that sharply points out, instantly elevate the look of the wearer and make a strong statement. Cat eye glasses are also known as upswept glasses. The elongated frame style can be worn as a fashion accessory by opting sunglasses as well as can be used as spectacles for vision correction.

History about cat-eye glasses:

Cat-eye frame type was seen in trend for the first time in 1950s. The frames were much thinner and angular in that era. Many leading ladies were seen embracing their eyes with this piece of fashion accessory. Vintage beauties like Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn flaunted cat-eye style frames in the yesteryears. After couple of decades the glasses went out of fashion as new eyewear trends like aviator, round frames came into style.

How cat-eye glasses have evolved in 2019:

Cat-eye glasses has transformed in 2019 without losing its vintage charm. It holds the same grace in contemporary guise. The style has now cropped up with different variations and types to match almost all face shapes. Get the uber-chic look by choosing cat-eye glasses that exactly suits your face and style.

Cat-eye glasses for round shape faces-

Cat eye frames have strong angular edges which makes it perfect for round shaped face with fuller jawline. Angular cat-eye frames give sharpness to the round face by adding contrast.

Also suitable for oval, heart shaped faces.

Cat-eye glasses for square shape faces-

Square shaped face has sharp angular edges and to create a subtle appearance, round-edged cat eye frames is a favourable choice. Narrow frames will soften the angular features of square shaped frames.

Also suitable for rectangular, triangular and diamond shaped faces.

Cat eye glasses frame

Cat Eye Glasses

Who says glasses can’t make a fashion statement?

Most popular style of cat-eye glasses:

Oversized cat-eye frame style-

The large oversized frames solely can accentuate your facial appearance. Big cat-eye glasses look beautiful and give a celebrity-like feel.  This style of cat-eye frame is definitely attention-grabbing and a must in any woman’s wardrobe.

Tortoiseshell cat eye style frames-   

The dramatic tortoiseshell glasses in cat eye shape have all the oomph factor. The blend of the two vintage styles is one of the popular eyewear trends of the current era.  The angular shape with fiery colours is impressive and can be incorporated with any classy outfit.

Incorporating Cat-eye glasses with your outfit:

For the urban chic look – Loose shirt with skinny jeans and a pair of retro inspired cat-eye sunglasses is just perfect for hangouts or exploring cityscape.

For cool beachy look – Look cool at hot summer beach with UV-protective sunnies. Pair up with your favourite beach attire and flip-flop.

For professional appeal – For a smart professional look, pair up your cat eye glasses with favourable professional outfit, high heels and perfect office make-up.

Cat-eye glasses are for all season and certainly a best choice if you want to reveal the dainty look.

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