Ideal Eyeglasses for Different Occasions and Personalities

‘More than a piece of vision correction, eyeglasses has now become a fashion accessory’, this statement may really sound clichéd now but it’s the fact which we can’t deny.  With an array of eyewear types available, you can effortlessly find style that syncs with your personality and also frames that perfectly adorns your look for suitable occasion.

Right from sophisticated personality to fun-loving nature, beach look to sporty look, you can strongly flaunt your personality and dress to kill the occasion, simply with a pair of glasses.  As you have dedicated pair of footwear for different occasions / activities, similarly you can play with eyewear.

We can be your style guide in helping you to pick perfect glasses for different occasions and personalities:

For calm and gentle personality:

Men! Are you the gentlemen types? Women! Are you the ingenious one? Round glasses are retro but definitely suitable for the metro people. Round frames are subtle yet look stylish and reflects the gentle personality of yours.  Also people in creative line like ad agencies, artists or writers can opt for round glasses to reflect their ingenuity.

For the fashionable souls:

All you fashionistas, you’ve got a wide choice! Geometric design frames to oversized glasses, embellished frames to cat-eye style glasses, you can be a trendsetter with any of these type and grab instant attention. Oversized glasses with tortoiseshell material can never go wrong for the style-conscious wearers.

For the classy professional look:

Rimless glasses were and will always be hot favourite of business class people. The glasses are elegant yet convey a strong professional style statement. Rimless frames complement both men and women carrying professional look.  It is better not to much experiment for a business look and stick to the all-time favourite rimless glasses.

For casual outing:

Usually when you go for a casual outing, you feel comfortable with sporty look and to enhance this look, plastic coloured frames will work wonders. It blends well with plain clothes. If you want to look matured yet casual, then you can never fail with classic aviator glasses.  Horn-rimmed frames are also best for casual hang-outs or going out for shopping with friends.

The weekend time glasses:

People slogging on weekdays, undoubtedly love the weekend time. It’s the most awaited time of week where they can relax and enjoy their time. Sports is energetic and a stress-buster. Sporty glasses with plastic or metal frames look casual and suit your weekend spirit. If you spend much time in outdoor activities, polarised sunglasses are definitely recommended not only to look stylish but also to protect your eyes.

For the evening party look:

If you are sporting a classy or polish look then rimless frames will be apt – minimal and subtle. For an elaborate dress these plain glasses will sync well.  If you want to look chic, horn-rimmed glasses will help to enhance your personality. Oversized embellished frames also look graceful for evening parties. If you are wearing short, pretty dress, you can create a contrasting appearance with sharp edged frames (square or rectangular types).

Finding suitable pair of eyewear is no more an uphill struggle. You can check out the popular online eyewear stores and spot what’s favourable for you.  Having more than one pair of glasses is not an expensive move too as most of these stores offer great discounts almost throughout the year.

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