Benefits of Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Benefits of blue light glasses

Blue light sits pretty close to invisible light in the spectrum, which is a high-energy visible light that hits the eye with a larger frequency. To deal with it, Blue light glasses offer an effective medium to block blue-violet light emitted by digital devices and other sources.

Whether it is long exposure to sun bright light, indoor source of blue light say fluorescent or LED, excessive screen time spent during work or online classes, or our inseparable bond with smartphones, blue light is all around and is an inevitable part of modern living.

And if your work or lifestyle keeps you exposed to any of these blue light sources, it seems more important for you to understand what impact blue light can bring to your eye health.

To this concern, blue light filtering technology comes in to save you from harmful overexposure.

What is blue light? How does overexposure affect your eye?

The visible spectrum of light ranges between blue violent at the lower while red on the higher end. Due to its shorter wavelength and high energy, blue light penetrates directly to the retina with a higher frequency. However, it is long being known that blue light plays an important role in raising mood, boosting alertness, controlling sleep cycle, and helping memory, some researchers also indicate the long exposure to blue light may result in sleep disorder, age-related macular degeneration, and diseases of the retina.

This is where blue light glasses or blue screens can help – blocking out the blue light harming your eye and overall health.

What are blue light glasses?

With digital devices becoming a vital part of our daily life, blue light blocking glasses technology is recently getting popular to safeguard your eyes from light emitted from various sources. While many researchers are already claiming the role of these glasses in filtering blue light emission hitting your innocent eyes, people are giving blue light glasses a shot.

Benefits of blue light glasses:

Whether you need prescription glasses to correct vision problems or not, blue light glasses help you reduce the harmful overexposure of blue lights in the modern digital world. Some important benefits of blue light glasses are:

Relieve eye strain:

Blue light glasses and blue screen usage can effectively address some underlying symptoms of computer eye syndrome and digital eye strain that may cause headache or blurred vision.

Good night sleep:

Blue light emitted from electronic devices say LED television, laptops, and smartphones may affect the production of melatonin which helps you sleep better. Using blue light for blocking them helps in a good night’s sleep while you can still stay productive.

Prevent or delay some eye disease:

Blue light is often linked to alleviating macular degeneration problems and other eye diseases associated with the retina. Blue light glasses here delay or completely avoid the risk of permanent blindness.

Is blue light blocking glasses for you: Warning sign to keep eye on

Many of us spend almost the majority of our time in front of a computer screen and smartphones. Also with Blue light all around us in the form of sun visible light, fluorescent lamps at night, and light emitted through screens, it is important to know when we should be concerned about the overexposure of blue light.

Look out for these signs and underlying symptoms, to know whether your body is calling for blue light blocking lenses or not.

Eye strain:

Placed at the lower end of the visible light spectrum, blue light scatters more and makes focusing difficult on the screen – significantly contributing to digital eye strain.

Primarily, this issue is caused by the blue light exposure when combined with annoying glare from the screen, reduced blink rate, and constant use of the screen for a longer period.


Another important symptom associated with prolonged exposure to blue light – headache may arise when we use the computer for long hours without any break. But it can worsen when blue light hits the retina directly with a larger frequency.

Sleep disruption:

Blue light can disrupt the secretion of melatonin and affects the natural circadian rhythm in the body. This means habits of using mobile on the bed and working late hours can make it harder to get good sleep at night.

Dry eyes:

Starring on-screen and focusing on work can affect your eye blinking rate- one of the possible reasons that cause dry eyes. Here the fickling feature of blue light only adds in making you blink less and forming dry eye problems.


Blue light is not all bad. They play an important role in regulating your sleep-wake cycle. That is why you can’t block them completely. With lots of studies already undergoing on blue light glasses, the best bet is to follow good habits to protect the eye from excessive computer use. Limit screen time, take frequent breaks, adjust screen brightness and use matte screen filters to keep your eyes healthy.

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