How to Protect Your Eyes from Seasonal Allergy

The cool breeze of Summer, warm winter blankets, beautiful yellow spring flowers, and rainy evenings, all are so soothing. Every season has its eternal beauty. However, our eyes may feel different. In this blog, we are sharing some tips to stay away from seasonal allergies and let your eyes see the beauty of seasons.

Many people are allergic to seasonal changes. Sometimes sudden changes in season may cause trouble to your eyes, causing redness, itching, dark circles, etc. When the problem advances, it starts interfering with your sleep cycle. Also, puffiness, unclear vision, swelling eyelids, mucus discharge, and light sensitivity are common problems often faced by people prone to seasonal allergies.

Well, changing seasons is a natural cycle that we can’t control but we can take some precautions to keep our eyes protected from such seasonal allergies.

Always Wear Glasses

Glasses are not only for vision correction when eyesight is weak. One can wear glasses as safety gear to protect the eye. There are many glasses available at Framesbuy that come with or without a prescription also. Glasses avoid any foreign dust particles and debris entering your eyes.

Never Rub eyes

This is the first thing that comes to mind when you feel an ache or itching in your eye. Rubbing may give you temporary relief for a few seconds but later on, it increases the itching and creates more problems. So, always avoid touching your eyes and rubbing them.

So, if not rub, what to do? Facing your eyes with cold water is the right and actual solution for redness and itchiness. However, it is not a permanent solution.

Compress if Swelling

If your eyes are swelling, compress them with a clean and soft piece of cloth. Remember, don’t use warm clothes. A warm compress may make you feel good initially but the heat will only add up to the problem with no solution. So avoid warm compress. Using cold water or blowing with your mouth is best.

Say No To Lenses

If you are regularly wearing lenses, avoid wearing them if your eyes are prone to rapid allergies caused due to seasons. It should be noted that the surface of the lenses may be the favourite place for airborne allergies. Plus, itching is also a very commonly seen problem among allergic people and lenses will add to your problems instead of solving them. An expert ophthalmologist suggests wearing glasses over contacts to avoid allergies.

Put On Sunglasses

When you go out, putting on sunglasses works best to stay away from unwanted particles entering your eyes. Usually, the lenses of sunglasses provide more coverage than your normal prescription eyewear and give a good protective cover over UV rays, glare, reflections etc. From polarized shades, mirrored glasses, to photochromic, There are many options to choose from.


It has been estimated in a certain study that around 40% of the world population suffers from eye allergy due to seasonal impact. The eyes are a very delicate part of our body that needs extra care. Allergy problems if increased may lead to some serious trouble. We have recommended the above tips to protect the eyes.

Moreover, there is no side effect of adopting these tips. We would recommend seeing an ophthalmologist or an eye specialist when the problem seems serious.

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