How to Choose Best Sunglasses for the Beach

Best sunglasses for the beach

Hot scorching summer days and the beach is the coolest combination. But under the hot Sun, eyes are directly exposed to harmful UV rays.

According to ophthalmologists the effect of UV rays becomes 3 times more powerful on summer days as compared to Winter days.

So, while relaxing and having fun at the beach, don’t forget to cover your eyes with the right choice of Beach sunglasses. Sunglasses not only protect you from sunburn but also add a cool and sassy look to your “Beachy” personality.

We are giving you some useful tips on choosing the Best Sunglasses For the Chilling Beach holiday. 

Protection against UV:

UV rays are very destructive. They not only affect your eyes but also your skin. High exposure to UV (Ultraviolet) radiation is responsible for death-causing diseases like cancer.

Though when buying sunglasses, you have undoubtedly seen tags claiming some percentage of UV protection. But 100% protection is a must in Beach Sunglasses when the Sun hovers directly on the head. So, always check if your sunglasses are covered by UV protection.

Also, check the percentage of UV protection that can be seen on the label with the glasses.

Purchase Sunglasses labelled UV 400 that provide nearly 100% protection from harmful UV rays, blocking wavelengths up to 400 nanometers.

Big is The Best :

Oversized or Big is beneficial for you.

Big sunglasses cover both eyes fully even from sides where small/medium-sized glasses fail. Oversized glasses are therefore the best fit for your eyes to spend a day-long on the beach.

Moreover, In the fashion and styling world, oversized Beach sunglasses for women and men both have evolved and modernized a lot.

Polarized Sunglasses:

Though not essentially UV protected. Polarised sunglasses are an ideal choice at the beach to reduce glare from reflective surfaces, say water or sand.

In the absence of polarized sunglasses, light reflection directly bounces back to your eyes. This makes you vulnerable to permanent visual damage.

On the other hand, polarized sunglasses offer you ultra-clear vision and comfort to enjoy an awesome beach day out. Polarized sunglasses are recommended in many water sports also.

One can find hundreds of thousands of stylish and trending polarized sunglasses online.

Think of Colour of Lenses:

Does the colour of lenses make a difference? Yes, it is.

How? Explained here. Eyecare experts believe that the darker the lenses, the better vision quality it offers on the beach. Furthermore, different colours offer different protection. So, it is up to you what kind of protection you need from your beach sunglasses.

The right choice of colour shade becomes even more important when you are in the water sport. We are here to tell you about the 4 majorly used colours of Sunglasses.

Grey Color

Grey colour is suitable for reducing the intensity of light without compromising with natural colours. As things naturally are, so will be seen through the grey glasses.

Yellow Color

Yellow colour shade glasses add to the quality of light. This is however not-so-good type of shade for Beach.

Green Color

Green colour shaded glasses are the best sunglasses for the beach because they keep the balance between natural and abnormal lighting and increase the touch of natural contrast.

Red/Pink Color

More fantastic shades especially for the beach are Red and Pink. Its sole motto is to give protection against consistent sunlight and hence sharpens the vision.

Floating glasses:

Ever experienced a situation when your sunglasses slip off and dive into the water, to be never found again? Thankfully, now floating sunglasses are here for your rescue. 

Designed with super light material, floating glasses do not sink and float on the surface of the water.

Pocket Folding glasses:

Are you tired of losing your glasses? Eyeglasses that fold are the ideal option.

This frame folds up to take up a much lower volume than regular glasses, making it easy to store and carry regardless of how they are used.

Perfect for a beach vacation where you don’t have much luggage. When folded, they are truly space-saving and cool accessories.

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