Tangled Between Laser, Contacts and Specs?

In this tech-savvy era, approximately seventy-five percent population has an eyesight problem, at present vision is a big concern, as eyes are our most important sensory organ. Till date, science have not found any medicine to eradicate authentic deterioration of vision. But on the other hand spectacles, contacts or laser surgery has made it possible.

Today, an optician or ophthalmologist are a blessing, as they help almost everyone to tackle with their vision problem. Spectacles, contacts and laser surgery are all techniques to obtain acute sight. Respectively, these eyewear accessories has their own pros and cons.

Tangled in making up your mind? Don’t be, here’s some information that will help you to decide which is best for you:


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Spectacles rock, no doubt about it. Eyeglasses not only enhance vision in a cost-effective way, they are stylish way to add something to an outfit. More than that there is a wide spectrum of eyeglasses one can opt for different eyeglasses for various occasions.


Due to ample supply of oxygen the risk of eye infection, dry eye syndrome reduces. Plus one can use blue light blocking glasses to reduce digital eye strain which lessen irritation of eyes. The latest prescription glasses are so convenient, as it offers crystal clear vision. Generally eyeglasses are cheaper than contact lenses and surgery over the long term. You don’t need to replace glasses as often.


The only drawback of eyeglasses are that they fog up in different weather conditions, your vision can be obstructed or blurred by prescription glasses on your lenses.

Contact Lenses:

Contacts, very first alternative to ? Whether they are disposable or custom-produced, they are small yet practically invisible plastic lenses that allow precise correction for all types of vision problems.


Benefits of contacts are that these lenses are also available in progressive known as multi focal contacts. They aren’t affected by weather conditions and won’t fog up in cold weather like glasses. You can also try out colour contact lenses to match your up any style or occasion!


The major drawback of contacts is that, you need to clean them to avoid serious eye infection. If you are working on a computer, wearing these contacts will increase the severity of computer vision syndrome. Plus you have to always grab a pair of glasses, as your eyes need some breathing space. Contacts reduce the supply of oxygen reaching your eyes which increase the asperity of dry eye syndrome. Wearing contacts daily can get infection such as dryness, itchiness and can cause vascular problems, as the capillaries in the eyes can become starved of oxygen. And yes, these lenses aren’t cost-efficient, one has to increase the number of check-ups with an optometrist to ensure that your eyes are keeping healthy.

Laser Surgery:

As a glasses wearer, having surgery to correct your vision impairment is a choice. There are two types of surgeries, laser in situ keratectomy also known as Lasik(TM) and the other procedure is known as photorefractive keratectomy (PRK). Lasik (TM) has shorter recovery time but is only available for a small range of eligible patients. PRK has a longer recovery period.


Laser surgery can be good solution for people with vision problems who cannot get used to spectacles or who cannot tolerate contact lenses, as no spectacles or contacts are required after surgery. Patients can perform any kind of daily task and even play sports.


The major drawback of surgery is that it’s pretty costly plus one need to be eligible for this surgery as everyone is not capable of undergoing such surgery. Additionally, there are many risk factors such as temporary discomfort and vision disturbances during first few days, flap complications – it is used for reshaping of the eye, these flap complications can cause optical aberrations and distorted vision, dry eye syndrome, colour blindness after several years, double vision also known as diplopia.

Your eye care is your own personal choice. We hope that the above-mentioned pros and cons helped you consider your favourable choice. By all means, we’d love everyone to wear glasses – wouldn’t it be uninteresting without ‘em? After all, who’d then pay homage to retro style, voguish cat-eye spectacles, smart and trendy clubmaster frames and other compelling styles.

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