Factors to Consider while Buying Spectacles

‘Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’

Margaret Wolfe Hungerford

but if your eye vision is not clear how will you admire the beauty? Eyes are the only source to see the world and experience every element of the nature. It is one of the five senses that deserve nothing less than perfect. Thus clear eyesight is significant for every individual.

However, if a person is suffering from poor vision, right pair of spectacles will assist them with flawless sightedness. Some people find glasses as hassle and prefer contacts but honestly spectacles are much more comfortable and with array of styles available, it looks visually appealing too. Nevertheless, we will discuss about the style factor later and initially focus on other factors that comprehensively will help you with visual comfort.

According to the latest studies, around 40% of the world population has to wear prescription glasses to correct refractive errors.

Your spectacle is one accessory which you will be wearing on regular basis, hence it is essential to ensure glasses are well-fitted and suit your face. No matter for what purpose you require spectacles, the following points is essential to consider:

Have a right prescription:

When you test your eyesight, the optometrist provides you with prescription. It’s really crucial to have updated prescription while buying eyeglasses. If your prescription is around 2 years old, make sure you visit your optometrist and get latest prescription.

Selecting lenses:

Only right pair of lenses will offer the precision in vision which you expect. So it is wise to find out which lens material and which lens power will be suitable for you. Choose lenses as per your visual impairment (short-sightedness, far-sightedness etc.). In case of progressive lenses, it is imperative to try on first and check if you can see clearly from different visual zones. For enhanced eye protection, you can also look for add-ons like anti-reflective coating, anti-scratch coating, tints and filters.

Select lenses

Selecting frames:

If lens is crucial for clear vision then right pair of frames is important for perfect fit.  Since you will be wearing the glasses almost throughout the day, it should be comfortable without causing pain on nose or behind your ears. Apart from the appearance of the frame, it should be comfortably wearable. It is better to choose for weightless frames, so that you don’t feel the pressure.

Different Types of Spectacles

You also need to consider ideal size and shape of frame that matches your facial appearance. Choose frames that complement your face. Buy frames that match the width of your face. It is a general rule that eyeglasses should not be much wider than your face. You can also pick for frames as per your needs like sporty, professional, creative professional, chic look etc.

Frame material:

Choose frame material as per your need and comfort. Frame materials are mostly categorised as feather-light, robust, flexible or hypoallergenic.

What more to consider while buying spectacles?
  • Get acquainted with the latest brands and compare their prices. Along with the price factor, you certainly need to look for quality.
  • Larger frames are in vogue and are comfortable too. So if large frames suit your face shape, you can go for it.
  • Whether you are buying glasses online or from shop, you need to check prior if they offer return policy. Usually customers face problem with the fit, size or clarity, especially with progressive lenses there are chances vision issue. So look for optical stores that offer return or refund policy.

Consider your face shape:

Face Shape Guide for Spectacles

For a balanced look, consider frame shape that blends with your face shape. Usually, contrast creates a perfect balance. For example – fuller face like round or even oval, should try angular, sharp edged frames like rectangle, square or wayfarer while to soften the angles of face shape like triangle, heart and square, consider curved frames like round, cat-eye or aviator. Oval is quite a desirable face shape as any frame shape complements them.

Popular myths about glasses:

Wearing someone else’s glasses can damage your eyes

It’s the most popular myth that we must have heard, especially when we were kids. Wearing prescription glasses that are not meant for your eyes for a long time might cause you a headache or eye strain but certainly, it won’t cause any permanent damage to your eyes.

Eye exercises can help you to get rid of glasses  

No doubt, eye exercises are good for the health of your eyes but that doesn’t mean it would save your vision from any sort of defect. Eyes are a complicated set of organs and there are a lot of factors that can affect the quality of your vision and you may still require corrective lenses.

Wrong prescription glasses can worsen your vision condition

You won’t see clearly with the wrong prescription glasses. Wearing it for a long time might cause headache and blurriness but it won’t further damage your eyes. So, don’t panic just get your prescription corrected. 

Glasses won’t make you look good

Ah! Now that’s definitely a myth. With so many fashionable choices available, why would someone look bad? There are suitable prescription glasses with a dash of style for all. Choose the one that best fits you and prove the point as myth, yourself.

If you neglect poor vision it can lead to blindness too. Get right pair of eyeglasses ASAP. Hopefully this checklist helps you in buying your new pair of spectacles.