Mirrored vs Polarized Sunglasses: Which is the Top Pick in Shades?

Mirrored Vs Polarized Sunglasses

Mirrored sunglasses or Polarized sunglasses – if you are looking to buy one or both of them, it’s important to know which one is right for you.

Shopping lenses for sunglasses is daunting, with plenty of options available in the market to choose from. The two popular lens choices you came across today are Polarized and Mirrored lenses.

But, Which sunglasses are a good pick? and What are the key features that stack these lenses against each other? While choosing the one, there are many more you wanted to know about the Mirrored vs Polarized sunglasses.

Mirrored lenses:

As the name depicts, Mirrored lenses have a mirror finish or coating on the lens surface that reflects light coming to the wearer’s eye. While controlling the light reaching the eye, they provide 100% UV protection and greatly reduce glare.

Mirrored glasses are really helpful when you are out in bright light, driving or enjoying outdoor fun.

Benefits of Mirrored lenses:

  • Better light reflection: One of the many reasons people use Mirrored sunglasses is they reduce the light reaching your eyes compared to other lenses.
  • Brighter vision: Mirrored glasses have a flash anti-reflective coating that allows you to have a brighter vision on sunny days. Meanwhile, they are great to facilitate colour recognition and glare reduction for people involved in outdoor activities.
  • 100% UV protection: Simply putting the pair of Mirrored sunnies will protect your eyes against the harmful effects of UVA and UVB sun rays.
  • Multiple Options: Full Mirrored, semi Mirrored, full gradient, half gradient- with a wide range of choices available- you will never go wrong with styling a pair of Mirrored sunglasses.
  • Hide your Eyes: Don’t want people to predict where you are looking, Mirrored eyeglasses let you spy and cover your eyes from the public.
  • Prevent Eye Strain: Filtering out too much light to pass through them, the Mirrored lenses are the best choice if you want to conceal eyes against eye fatigue.
  • More colour choices: With unlimited colour options available, you can always sport these sunglasses with a colour that reflects your unique personality.

Polarized lenses:

Irrespective of Mirrored coating, Polarized sunglasses have a special kind of filter that let vertical light waves pass through them and blocks horizontal light waves causing the glare.

Eliminating the surface reflection, Polarized lenses also provide UV protection, vision clarity and prevent momentary blindness.

This is a popular choice among people involved in water sports, fishing, or driving.

Benefits of Polarized lenses:

  • Comfortable vision: Avoiding the harsh glare and severe surface reflection, Polarized lenses are known to improve vision and reduce glare.
  • Relax eye: Polarized lenses help ocular headache and relax the eye against strain by eliminating the annoying glare affecting your vision,
  • Visual clarity: Polarized sunglasses add more contrast and better vision clarity to your surrounding. So nothing gets in your way of enjoying the view on a sunny day.
  • Great for water sports: Polarized sunglasses are ideal for everyone who spends long hours outdoors. However, they are especially recommended for those who are sensitive to glare and particularly involved in water sports.

Polarized vs mirrored sunglasses – Side by side comparison:

If you have wondered whether you need to be polarized, mirrored sunglasses or both, this comparison is right for you:

Polarized glassesMirrored glasses
Best usedDriving, Near water, fishing, boatingOn water and downhill skiing
Surface reflection and glareBlocks reflected lights and glare efficientlyProvide better light reflection than other lenses
Whether conditionGreat for a bright day and extreme conditionMirrored glasses in certain colours are Best fit in winters and other overcast days.
UV safeNot necessary UV safeProvide ample protection from UV
Colour and tint optionsBase lens colours are limitedUnlimited choice
Scratch resistanceMore scratch resistant than mirrored lensesMore susceptible to scratching
Reflective coatingHave an in-built polarized filter to fight glareAn anti-glare coating that offers a stylish reflective look
Fighting eye strainBest at reducing eye strain and headaches caused by glaresProtecting the eye against UV, they are boon for eye health
CostMore expensive than mirrored lensesCost higher than non mirrored regular glasses

Some FAQs regarding polarized glasses and mirrored glasses

Can Mirrored sunglasses be Polarized?

Yes! You can equally enjoy the benefits of both types of sunglasses by customising a pair of Polarized Mirrored sunglasses for you. As both of them excel in different areas, the combination of these sunglasses will make dealing with glare, UV rays, annoying reflection, and light sensitivity easier, while relaxing your eye against strain and fatigue.
Polarized sunnies with mirror coating is recommended for the most reduction of glare.

Can prescription glasses be mirrored?

Adding style with functionality, combining mirrored coating to your regular prescription glasses comes with many advantages. Ultimately, the combination will help your eyes fight glare, increase brightness and keep them healthy. Meanwhile, the mirror effect will also hide your eyes, when needed.

Are mirrored glasses good for driving?

Mirrored glasses are UV protected and reduce maximum surface reflection. thereby, they are the best fit for driving and other outdoor activities.

Why need an anti-reflective coating for polarized glasses?

For optimal clarity and to keep lenses invisible, AR can be an ideal choice for eyeglasses. But for sunglasses, say polarized glasses, AR coating at the backside makes the difference by avoiding lights bouncing off the back of the lens.

Mirrored or Polarized – Which sunglasses are best for you:

Which is the best choice between Mirrored or Polarized sunglasses, the answer seems to vary from person to person. Both of these glasses offer different features.

Mirrored sunglasses on one hand is the best pair to have for everyday use near water and bright winters, while Polarized sunglasses are the great choice for sunny days. So, which one is the right fit for you depends on your lifestyle choice and style preferences.

Looking for the perfect pair of sunglasses? Buy from our latest collection of Mirrored and Polarized sunglasses for men and women today!

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