10 Most Important Summer Eye Care Rituals

Beautiful glowing skin is a basis to any look!”- Agree, right?

From the depths of winter to the long summer afternoons, all you need is to look your best, always. The wellbeing of your skin depends upon the type of skin care regime you follow depending upon the seasonal changes.

Even after luxurious skincare treatment do you lack the spark in your look? Yeah! Maybe you are missing out on the most vital part of your face- eyes.

“Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes. It is not something physical.”- Sophie Loren

Bright sunshine along with the blues depict the onset of summer and its time to hit the beach. But whether you bask in the afternoon sun or indulge in refreshments, the crazy summer could be actually harsh on your eyes.

This is the typical season of excessive sunlight, dust, and heat. It not only affects your skin but also your eyes, and hoping on beauty wagons doesn’t really help. Not just the sunburn, but overexposure to UV rays could affect your eyes in the long run and might cause some immediate consequences as well. So, by following some preventive measures you could potentially eliminate the risk of eye problems.

Follow these summer eye care tips to keep your eyesight at its peak and enjoy your summer wilderness with eye-conic vision!

1. SOS (Splurge On Sunglasses):

‘Ban the rays’ is the thumb rule for protecting your eyes during summer. So, investing in sunglasses is way more important than anything else. Natural tanning may sound luxe, but it could burn the fragile area surrounding the eyes. Hence, anti-glare tinted sunglasses would be your go-to lookout for your eye protection, and remember, ‘the bigger- the better’.

2. Elude the scorching sun rays:

Adding a layer of sunscreen would help you to buff away the harmful effect of UV radiation. But it’s safer to avoid going out during the peak hours of a summer day, between 10 am to 3 pm. And, if you really cannot put off your commitments then wear glasses, as the tan lines from summer may fade along with the vision if you fail to follow the preventive summer eye care rules.

3. Keep your body hydrated:

Summer is the season of extreme exposure to humidity and heat waves that affect your body’s natural ability to cool itself. This is when the body loses important electrolytes at accelerated rates, and it’s important to replenish them.

Besides freezer-powered de-puffing face treatment and cold shots of mints, you need to drink plenty of water during this harsh season. That’s how you can maintain water balance and reverse the negative impact of dehydration to ensure the well-being of your eyes.

4. Abstain from enjoying direct AC air:

Holding back oneself from relaxing under AC especially during hot summer is a real challenge. It may feel pleasant but it’s not so at least for your eyes. This might lead to dry eyes that result in eye irritation, redness, inflammation, discomfort, and in the worst-case light sensitivity.

5. Hat and extra pair of glasses:

Skin Cancer Foundation has nominated Basal Cell Carcinoma as a special kind that affects the eyelids. Though it usually does not spread to other parts of the body, it certainly spreads to the eyes- lower eyelids, eyebrows, or corners of the eyes.

So, grab a hat to protect your eyes. Add a hat with a brim at least 3 inches wide to your wardrobe to eliminate the exposure of UV radiation besides upgrading your style quotient. Hold! Don’t forget to keep an extra pair of glassesjust in case!

6. Eye gear for splash hours:

As per the study, frequent exposure to chlorinated water can be harmful to the corneal epithelium. Right from swimming pools to any other water bodies, contaminants in the water could be dangerous for eye health. Do not forget to wear goggles while in and around water to safeguard the epithelium. This is a vital layer that shields your eye from pathogens and reduces the risk of corneal abrasion and other eye injuries.

7. Wash hands and don’t rub your eyes:

Follow the basics religiously to maintain the sparks in your eyes. Avoid touching your eyes frequently without washing your hands. Whether indoors or outdoors, refrain from touching your eyes now and then without maintaining hygiene. Sweat and dust of summer boost bacterial growth naturally, which worsens much more if you rub your eyes or touch them without washing your hands frequently.

8. Eye protection during outdoor activities:

Right from outdoor hobbies to occupational tasks, summer can be enjoyable as well as sweaty. Be it your passion for outdoor gardening or your compulsion to get out for work, any intrusive particle is enough to cause corneal damage.

Besides, exposure to other chemical and environmental pollutants at work during summer could be fatal for your eye health, thereby leading to multiple eye issues. Hence, keeping personal protective equipment like goggles is a must to protect your eyes from potential damage.

9. Eye drops are a must:

Summer heat not only inflames skin but also the eyes. And, if someone has dry eye issues, it might get triggered due to contamination with dust, dirt, and sweat. Hence, applying eye drops would help control inflammation and soothe your eyes. Additionally, eye drops also address other eye problems and make summer way more comfortable for your eyes.

10. Peaceful slumber:

Sleep deprivation and eye fatigue are quite synonymous. Dark circles, puffy eyes, and drooping eyelids symbolize a lack of adequate sleep. But what affects you the most is your eye health. Lack of sleep leads to itchy eyes, bloodshot, eye twitches, or spasms, which eventually results in glaucoma. Hence, 8 hours of uninterrupted sound sleep is vital for restoring eyesight and maintaining the wellbeing of your eyes.

Making the best attempt to keep your eyes healthy should be your priority. Take proactive approaches during the hot summers to minimize eye problems. Don’t leave anything to chance, get treated even for minor eye issues as summer heat could take a heavy toll on your eyes and worsen the condition. Remember, you get only one set of eyes for a lifetime- preserve it with utmost care!

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