Your eyes are at risk!

Save them before it's too late

Who are at Risk?

Everyone who spend 2 hours or
more looking at screens

Why Does it happen?

The blue light, emitted from screens
of digital devices, are the culprit

Negative Impact Of Digital Devices

According to recent research

9 out of 10 people who work primarily on digital devices report some symptoms of digital eye strain.

Additionally, the blue light emitted from screens can even...

damage the retina

leaving the eye exposed to hidden
spikes in intensity

vision deterioration

and lead to problems like macular degeneration (incurable) and cataract

disrupt sleep

buy suppressing the natural release
of melatonin

Apart from long term vision problems,
people also repeated the following problems plaguing them:

population experiences


eye strain




neck, shoulder & backpain


blurred vision


dry eyes

detrimental effects include

  1. Decreased productivity
  2. Unhealthy sleep cycles
  3. Poor postures


of the population

does not know that
computer eyewear can
solve a lot of above mentioned issues

Spending too much screen time?

You definitely need the eyesaver - Blue light glasses

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