Digital strain take its toll on children's eyes

80% of kids have reported with blurred vision, burning, itchy, dry or tired eyes after using digital devices

Did you Know

1 out of 4 children suffer from undetected vision problem

Doctors and parents have noted that children spend more time on handheld devices than outdoors which could be a major reason for vision problem.

Screen addiction alert!


children are glued to smartphones or tablets

Ever wondered how much time does your child spends on digital screens?

3-4 years

Spend around 3 hours

5-7 years

Spend around 4 to 6 hours

8-11 years

Spend around 5 to 9 hours

Eye strain is tough on the developing eyes of the child

Vision researchers point out that increased screen time can cause
Eye fatigue
Digital eye strain
Dry eye disease
Unhealthy posture
Macular degeneration

Kids cannot be blamed for getting addicted to technological devices

Parents are well aware of the negative consequences, hence they need to take correct action.

preventative measures to avoid eye strain

Either for school learning process or entertainment purpose, using digital devices cannot be avoided in this day and age but preventative measures can be taken.

We want to ensure that the tech-savvy children experience
healthy vision for life

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