Gift Card Terms & Conditions

To order a gift card through Framesbuy select a gift card amount and fill the form with necessary details at the Gift card page like recipient's name, email address, your name, email address, any thoughts (if you wish to convey) and select the date on which you want to get the gift card delivered at recipient's inbox. Once all the required fields are filled, click on checkout to complete the purchase.

Gift Cards can be purchased on using the following payment modes only - Credit Card, Paypal.

A particular gift card can be used only once and if the balance is remaining, it gets lapsed. If the order value exceeds the Gift Card amount, the balance must be paid by Credit Card, Paypal.

The validity period will be calculated from the date you select to send the coupon / gift card and will be valid up to 6 months period. Once the Gift Card is received by the recipient, the validity period will start.

Gift Cards once purchased, cannot be cancelled or exchanged in whole or part for cash. Your gift card is like cash using which you can make purchase. It cannot be reused.

The receiver is asked to follow the complete buying process to redeem the gift card coupon successfully. In case, if the receiver uses the gift card coupon and unfortunately couldn’t make the payment due to any reason, then he/she cannot use the coupon again as technically it would get expired. In such circumstances, feel free to contact our customer support and get the new coupon code generated for use.